Scott Roeder was recently convicted of killing Abortion Doctor George Tiller. Scott Roeder is obviously against abortion and he felt that if he killed a doctor who actively aborted babies then he would save many lives in the process.

The jury, prosecution, as well as many people in the public agree that Scott Roeder murdered without cause and that he could not use the "I was defending someones life" reasoning.

Regardless of your personal views on abortion the Scott Roeder abortion murder case raises a lot of questions.

When Scott Peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife he was charged with 2 murders. His pregnant wife and the fetus she was carrying in her womb. If Scott Peterson was charged with murdering Preggoan unborn fetus why does California a long with other states protect abortion doctors. I understand that abortion may be legal but if you can charge someone with murder for killing a fetus then that should apply to abortion doctors as well.

If the assisted suicide Doctor jack Kevorkian can be sent to jail for enabling the deaths of senior citizens and other sickly people who want to die to end there suffering then why do we not put abortion Doctors in jail. Abortion may be legal but if we can charge Doctor jack Kevorkian with assisting in the deaths of people who want to die then...anyways.

There is to much conflict when dealing with abortion. Not just legally but also mentally and physically. If abortion is legal then so be it. If killing a fetus in a manner such as Scott Peterson did when he killed his pregnant wife is considered by the State Of California to be a homicide then women who smoke cigarettes while pregnant should also be convicted of attempted murder of a fetus.

Why do we not ban smoking by pregnant women. We allow women to smoke. It's discouraged and frowned upon but has a woman in the USA ever been charged with child endangerment for smoking while pregnant?

Safety of children should be the primary concern of all involved. If you are an abortion doctor you obviously do not have the safety of children in mind. If you are a pregnant lady who smokes that is not as bad as a person who performs abortions killing innocent fetuses but it is still bad. A babies lungs are very sensitive and smoking can easily stunt growth and lead to long term health problems for the baby that can last his or her entire life.

Killing abortion doctors is not the answer. If you truly want to be an anti-abortion activist you need to start with education. Educate people on fetuses. When people see what a late term abortion fetus looks like they will usually be disgusted. Education is the key to ending abortion. Image Credit: (Flickr/rileyroxx)