The Non-Ending Storm of the Abortion Controversy


                There is a lot of controversy when it comes to the matter of abortion. Some say that abortion is the first and final breath. There is one key question that comes to mind when thought about abortion. Is it the right answer, or not the right answer?  Many things can be brought to attention when asked this question, would the parents be able to, or are they even responsible enough to care for a child? Are the two having the baby even old enough to raise a kid, or have parents that would help out in the situation? Another major question brought to this topic, is situations that occur when a female is raped and whether or not she should have the choice to have the abortion then.  Also, is it morally right to have an abortion at all? Depending on where you live and your age, the choice might be yours, but it is something that you will have to live with the rest of your life.

                 One question brought to attention to this debate is if the parents would be responsible enough to raise a child. Many people may think that when somebody is younger, they would lack the responsibility to raise a child. Responsibility is something that isn’t totally associated with age though. Someone in their twenties might lack in responsibility the same as someone in their teens might as well. Some laws state that all of this is determined by age though.

                Should age really be up for discussion when it comes to an abortion though? Obviously sometimes someone younger is unfit to raise a child, but somebody older might be under circumstances where they are unfit to raise a child too. Some think that age doesn’t matter at all when it comes to abortion, and that somehow, that child can be raised.  Although age is a key argument in this controversy, there are other factors as well.

                When a female is raped, and as a result becomes pregnant, should she be able to have an abortion? Some say no, that even a child that comes from a rape should still be able to have a life that was given to them in any circumstance, but could somebody live with a child knowing how they were conceived? Adoption is also brought into this subject greatly overall, but more so in this part too. Should the child be put up for adoption where the mother would not have to deal with raising a child in this situation, or should they be able to get an abortion if they would like?

                There are many questions that come in mind when thinking about abortion. There is one main question that is still asked though. Is abortion the right answer, or the wrong answer? This question might never get fully answered, and will always be open for debate amongst us. With all of the circumstances and beliefs brought into it, this question affects everybody, and even their legal rights. Overall, there will always be people who are against it completely, and people who feel like there is a choice involved.