Diamonds are a girl's best friend. They are also the birthstone for april. If you wear this gem wrong, people might think you are engaged, instead of the fact that you are just celebrating when you were born. Here is how to wear the April birthstones in affordable, appropriate ways.

Put it on your right hand. You have probably been waiting for a diamond ring for years. before you even asked "What is the birthstone for april?" Don't deny yourself just because you are single. Diamond right hand rings have gained in popularity over the years. It's a way to celebrate your accomplishments as well as your birthday!

Consider a diamond cluster ring. Diamonds are expensive & you might think that april birthstones are out of your reach. You can pay hundreds of dollars for white diamonds that might have visible inclusions or will even be cloudy. You can save money by buying small diamonds that are arranged in a group for bigger impact. You can even check out diamonds that are invisibly set so it looks like one large stone across the room.

Find your color of diamonds to make your mark on birthstones. April births don't dictate that you have to stay with a certain color. You might feel self conscious buying a white diamond ring even if it is the April birthstone. Diamonds come in virtually every color of the rainbow. Just be aware that these are still diamonds, so they are just as expensive as white diamonds. Plus, these are hard to find & they will probably be available in smaller sizes. If you just want jewelry with some color you can easily find less expensive gemstones that will spice up your wardrobe.

Look for diamonds set in silver. Granted, these aren't going to be huge cocktail rings. The diamonds probably won't even be visible to the naked eye. You may need a microscope to see these diamond accents. The sterling setting will seem like the entire piece is encased in diamonds from across the room. However, it's an entry level way to get an April birthstone. If you ever see a large diamond set in sterling silver, be skeptical, it's probably a fake. Quality diamonds are almost always set in gold or platinum unless it's a genuine antique.

Go classic. You probably won't be able to buy a lot of April birthstones because of the expense. Stick to styles that you will love for years to come. Sure, you can find diamond rings in the shape of snakes, but it's quite the investment if you aren't going to be wearing it ten years from now. It might be a good idea to sit down with a calculator & see just how many days a year you will need to wear the ring to get your money out of it.

Show your personality in subtle ways. Go for a princess cut diamond instead of a round one, or even a unique pear. Your ring can still be classic without being standard or boring.