What is the birthstone for August? Well it is one of the least popular, peridot. It's one of those stones that you either love or you hate. A lot of women don't appreciate this gem & won't even own it. It has an unusual olive green color. Here is how to find peridot that you'll actually like so you can finally wear the gemstone for August.

Embrace the color. Look to nature & food to really fall in love with peridot. Yes, it's different. No, it's not a diamond. However, you probably won't even find fake gemstones that have a peridot green tone. This is an opportunity to find out what you really like instead of just going for what is in style.

Pair it with a different gemstone. There are a lot of multi gemstone pieces that feature the August gemstone. This can tone down the olive color. Plus, it can be displayed in a spectrum of colors so the intensity of it makes more sense. It will also match more of your clothes because with a rainbow ring at least one of the colors will coordinate.

Whats your sign? If you were born from August 1-23 then your birthstone is onyx. If you were born August 24th after than your astrological birthstone is Carnelian. These are both inexpensive, opaque gemstones. Onyx is also one of the few black gemstones, so it will go with anything.

Find a bracelet. It's rare that you will be able to afford at least 15 gemstones all matched for color & clarity which is what a bracelet requires. However, with the birthstones for August it's a distinct possibility. This will give you a new found appreciation for just how much peridot can sparkle & make an impact. Plus, you'll have something that most other people don't own.

Know what to wear green with. You might not be comfortable wearing peridot every day. You might not know what it matches. Use green as a pop of color, the way you might in decorating. It can be an unusual accent to a basic black dress, or make a crisp white shirt feel even more summery. You'll find that you have a lot more outfits to wear the August birthstone with than you originally thought.

Focus on design. This will help detract from that color that you don't like. It's an opportunity to play around with sterling silver or even more free form gold work. Both metals are often set with the August birthstone so you have variety.