Selling Avon In Canada

Want To Become An Avon Selling Representative In Canada?

If you have seen the Avon commercial and want to become an Avon Representative in Canada to start selling Avon products, then Avon has an official website online for Canadian Avon Representatives. Many women make decent money every month selling Avon Products directly to their list of clients.  As selling Avon products can make you a great deal of money every day and every month, it is a great way to ensure an income in this tough economy.

Avon has been an Institution among American and Canadian women for over 120 years. So it has withstood the test of time and you know that you are joining onto a business that is likely to be here many more years ot come.  You can earn thousands of dollars monthly just working part time as an Avon Canadian Representative. The cosmetics and products really speak for themselves and many women trust them, so you will have no trouble at all getting customers once you start your business.

Is Becoming An Avon Representative In Canada Right For Me?

You can answer that by first answering whether or not you like to work with people.  Since becoming an Avon representative means that you will be constantly dealing with people, then if you are not people oriented, this is not the business for you. If you like to mix and mingle with others, advise women on how to improve their self image and appearance, then this is a perfect job for you and you will fit right into the Avon Institution.


How Much Will I Make Selling Avon In Canada?

You can make great money selling Avon products in Canada.  Avon states that many of its top representatives make over $100,000 per year after they have established their client base and thus establishing their business. Other Avon Representatives make from a few hundred dollars monthly, to a few thousand dollar monthly.  It really all depends on how much you put into the business. Avon has a Direct Sales Representative force of over 5 million people so you are in good hands.  You get great training with Avon and the amount of the start-up is minimal compared to other businesses.  The actual amount of money you make all really depends on you and how much time and effort you want to put into your business to help it grow and flourish.


How Do I Get Started Selling Avon In Canada?

First do your research.  If you know someone who already sells Avon, then ask them questions about the business.  It would also be best to sign up under them if they are established, responsible and reliable.  If you don't know anyone personally, then you should sign up on the Canadian Avon Representative official website at They will make sure you are signed up with someone who is close to you so you can grown your business together.  Also, you can try calling 1-855-516-Avon if you prefer to speak with someone over the telephone.

Before you sign up, do your research and make sure it is something you want to join. Mary Kay also has a similar program. Compare the two and see which one is better for you.   Then sign up through and official and or trusted source.



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