Carpet Remnants are obviously left over bits of carpet. The question is - are they useful? Most often a carpet remnant is the end of the roll, left over from carpeting someone's house. When you order a carpet for your house, the carpet supplier purchases a roll or more, the rolls are usually a specified size (both loom width and length of carpet). The supplier sells you carpet based on how much you order, but there is often some left on the roll. This left over portion would generally be sold as a remnant at a cheaper cost than rest of the carpet, simply to get rid of it. This is because the size may be too small for many people's homes and if they ordered more the shades may not match. The quality of the carpet is usually very good. So you can get a cheap carpet remnant for a fraction of the cost of the rest of the roll of the carpet.

Carpet off cuts can be used in a number of ways. It is unlikely there will be enough carpet to fully carpet a whole home, but there may be enough for a single room or a stairway or to make a rug. Using a carpet remnant to make a rug can make a feature of an interesting piece of carpet that you may not want over your whole room or home. Most carpet remnants are used to carpet a room or two. The carpet can be tailored to fit the style of the room it is to go in, you can get a high quality carpet at a discount and possibly even lay the carpet yourself. This way you can get a higher quality piece of carpet for your budget.

If you choose to use the carpet remnant to make a rug, always get the ends properly bound or finished, a fraying rug would not be a good home decor accessory! Binding a piece of carpet involves the use of heavy duty sewing machine to sew over the edges to ensure that fraying cannot happen.Hand binding can be performed with a curved rug needle, but is hard work and time consuming. Traditional binding for a carpet remnant is expensive (anywhere from $300 upwards) so consider finishing it with a contrasting color using burlap tape. Burlap tape can be found in plain or colors (always purchase extra for emergencies!)This requires the burlap tape to be hot glued to the bottom of the carpet piece then folded over and glued to the top, if the tape becomes loose it can simply be glued back in place again. When choosing carpetfor your single room, follow all the usual rules including measure or have measured the room accurately, check the shade of the carpet to be used against the room and furnishings, does the price include installation and delivery. Also check out the carpets cushions they can extend the life and comfort of your carpet.A good carpet cushion can be considered essential to the life of the carpet. For a single room you may choose to install the carpet yourself, if you take this route make sure you have the right tools, all the fixtures you may need and someone to help you.
Any carpet remnants that you have left over from carpeting your room or house are useful to hang onto. There are many uses for remnants - extra protection for high traffic areas, or carpet replacement when something unfortunate happens! The best use I have seen is for replacing a piece of carpet after the fire caused burn marks (then we used another remnant to sit on that area in winter and removed it in summer).

Where To Look
Carpet remnants are available in a variety of places from local carpet stores, discount carpet stores or on line.Not every carpet store holds remnants, but if you look on line for stores that have "in-stock" carpet, you will most likely find they also have lots of leftovers. These larger stores will also have a larger range of quality, color, style and texture of carpets. EBay has a selection of private sellers and stores; it is possible to pick up a bargain if you know what you are looking for. If you do buy online, always make sure you have either been to see the color to confirm the shade is right for you, or be sure that you have seen the shade at a store. It is not bargain if the shade is not what you had expected!

So if you are looking for a low cost solution to carpeting your home, discount carpet remnants is definitely worth considering.