Unlike most months, you definitely have your pick of a Dec birthstone. You can choose between turquoise, blue topaz, blue zircon, & tanzanite. These cover all different styles & price points. Some are more difficult to find than others. You might not have even seen blue zircon before, let alone know where to get it. Here is how to choose a birthstones for December that represents your personality. The December birthstone color is blue.

Keep it blue. This is what all of the December birthstones have in common, they are a shade of blue. It fits in with the cool, icy feeling of winter. Plus, it's a very popular color so you can wear it everyday with most anything that you own.

Dress up turquoise. You might just think of turquoise as something you buy or wear in the southwest. However, it's come a long ways. You probably can't afford to wear hundreds of carats of diamonds when you dress up. You can buy an inexpensive triple strand turquoise necklace & wear it to your next formal function. The black veins will match with your black dress while still adding color. Plus, it will set you apart from the pack because no one else will be wearing it.

Bring out the purple hues. You can find purple turquoise. The tanzanite birthstone even has a blue-ish purple hue. This helps to take some of the harshness off of a navy blue ring. Plus, tanzanite is becoming rarer & harder to find. Invest in it while you can still afford it.

Birthstones: December Options That Are Unique

Don't confuse zircon with zirconia. Cubic zirconia is man made & very inexpensive. The December birthstone zircon is a rare natural gem. It usually comes in a bright blue color that almost appears to glow like neon.

Own more than one piece. Yes, it's quite difficult to be a December baby & have all of those fantastic choices. Each gemstone offers something different. Each one will give your outfit a different feeling. You can even buy an entire jewelry wardrobe just from December birthstones. This will give you a lot of versatility. Just make sure that you set a budget before you go shopping.

Be unexpected. Tanzanite doesn't have to be expensive & turquoise doesn't have to be casual. People may just pass over your blue gemstone simply because it's such a common color. You can find inexpensive lavender tanzanite rings set in sterling silver. Look for a turquoise ring in a bold yellow gold setting. It might even be surrounded by diamonds which will really change how people feel about it.