EMT Training

Background Overview

If you are looking at EMT training online as a way to become an EMT or take your current EMT training to the next level as an intermediate or a paramedic, you've made the right decision as paramedic and EMT jobs are projected to grow by almost 10% through 2018 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

An Emergency medical technician or EMT provides immediate medical care to injured and sick people. Their day to day activities can be rather varied from administering emergency care to people with respiratory problems, heart attacks, those injured in car accidents, along with transporting the sick and injured to hospital facilities for emergency care.

An EMT could work in a variety of environments from private care ambulance services to hospitals. It's important to note that EMTs must have a state license/certificate, though requirements and qualifications vary for EMTs state to state.

EMT Training Online: High school and GED requirements

Before inquiring into an EMT training online program, you will want to have your high school diploma or GED. This is a national requirement in every state. If you have not yet achieved your high school diploma or GED consider the fact that your chemistry, anatomy and biology classes are solidly preparing you for a career as an EMT.

Why Choose EMT Training Online

Many states have varying degrees of EMT levels; most states have distinctions between EMTs who are classified as first responders, basic EMTs, intermediate EMTs or EMT paramedics. And each of these EMT classifications requires fundamental core knowledge. EMT training online can help you pace yourself when meeting the core knowledge requirement when sitting for the state or National Registry of Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam-who administers your EMT exam, will vary from state to state. The other obvious benefit to doing your EMT training online is that you are able to complete course work within the framework of your own schedule.

The Best Choice for EMT Online Courses

Typically the best choice for EMT training online is first your local community college, especially if they have an online course option for EMT training. The reason why your local community college is the best option is because your local community college's EMT training is well versed in state regulations and certification requirements. You won't always have this guarantee if you choose another EMT training online which is not affiliated with the jurisdiction you wish to work in.

What Will You Learn with EMT Online Training?

The best EMT Online Training has online courses which should cover the fundamental skills for your EMT level. For example, when making assessments on EMT online courses, the basic course should include: procedures regarding patient assessment, cardiac, airway management and trama. EMT intermediate and Paramedic should include physiology, medical equipment, advanced procedures to clear airways, medication disbursement and the setup of intravenous fluids.

Things to Remember about EMT Online Training for Recertification

Every 2-3 years most states will require you to be recertified and continuing education programs using EMT online training is an excellent way to stay ahead of the to being an EMT.