To answer "What is the birthstone for February?" simply it's amethyst. This is usually a deep purple color. Many women wish they had this as their birthstone just because it is feminine & strong at the same time. You often see fake amethyst rings, but you can probably afford the genuine gemstone. It might even be the same price as buying high end glass jewelry. Here are some unique ways to wear the birthstone for feb.

Go big or go home. Amethyst is a semi precious stone so you can usually find it in bigger carat weights. A large amethyst ring might be the only piece of jewelry you need to wear. Even on the red carpet celebrities are opting for less jewelry. They usually just have one big signature piece like earrings, or a pinky ring. A large amethyst ring can be what you are known for. Plus, people will think that you paid a lot more for it then you actually did.

Keep it affordable. The Feb birth stone doesn't have to be expensive. Some jewelry stores have specials that correspond with the birth month. Amethyst even makes a great Mother's Day present. Amethyst is one of the least expensive genuine gemstones out there. Don't tell yourself that you can't afford "real" jewelry, shop around & see all of the possibilities & options.

Look at rose de france. It used to be thought that the deeper the amethyst color, the more valuable it was. Lighter purple or pink amethysts were virtually worthless until the rose de france trend came along. These stones are pinker & more feminine. You'll also pay a bit more money for them. However, they are a lot cheaper than other pink gemstones like pink sapphire, morganite or kunzite. Pink is such a trendy color in fashion that this is one of the few ways to get a pink gemstone that won't break the bank.

Explore unique cuts. You might not be able to afford an asscher cut diamond. However, you can make it unique just by going with a different cut of birthstones. February gems don't have to be too vintage looking. A quantum cut will be like nothing you've ever seen before while you wear a traditional gemstone. You can even have a gem cut so it looks like there is a star inside when you look at it. You might even be able to find amethyst rough that has been cut to look like a star fruit.

Pair it with resin. Since amethyst is so cheap, you can afford to keep up with the fads. Resin is a huge trend. When the big moment is over you can always replace it with a more traditional ring. This will really help you break out of the box you might feel stuck in at work. Even if you have to adhere to a boring dress code you can look down at your funky ring & remember that you have personality.

Discover prasiolite. This is a form of amethyst & an unusual way to wear a February birthstone. Maybe you don't even own your birthstone because you absolutely hate purple. Prasiolite is also called green amethyst. You'll have a wider range of what colors you can wear it with, & it seems to be dropping in price all the time. Plus, it's one of the few pale green gems out there.

Make it sparkle. Amethyst is one of the clearer birthstones available. It's rare to find inclusions. Take advantage of this by choosing a stone with extra sparkle & fire.

Match it with more expensive gemstones. You might want a more elegant version of the February birthstone. You can accomplish this by pairing it with a luxury gem like tanzanite. In fact, if the tanzanite accents are a pale purple color people may just assume that the amethyst is tanzanite too. This way you get the look of a ring that would cost thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price.

Ditch the femininity. Amethyst might just be to girly for you. The alternate birthstone for this month is bloodstone, which will definitely be a conversation starter.