According to statistics, in the United States alone, more than 30 million men and more than 20 million women suffer from hair loss. It is no wonder that ads about hair regrowth and hair loss products seem to appear everywhere - on TV, on the Internet and on billboards. When it comes to testimonials about a specific hair loss treatment, it is important to understand that while one person might obtain favorable results, it does not guarantee that it will work for everyone.

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Moreover, if you are shopping for hair regrowth or hair loss products, it is critical that you understand the manufacturer’s claims before making a selection.

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FDA Approved Hair Loss Products

The fact that a product is FDA approved does not guarantee that you will experience hair regrowth or that your hair loss will stop. All it means is that testing or experiments were conducted, and the product was found safe for human use or human consumption, depending on the product. 

A product’s testing might address side effects, if any, and the safety of each product used in manufacturing. The FDA seal of approval deals with the product’s safety, not necessarily its efficacy. 

Hair Loss Products and Hair Regrowth

Read the manufacturer’s claims carefully to avoid disappointment. For example, does the manufacturer specifically promise hair regrowth or does it promise thicker hair?

Some shampoos and conditioners for contain hair-thickening agents. Such ingredients thicken the diameter of each strand, making your hair appear denser, while reducing the appearance of thinning hair. If you purchase a hair thickening product expecting to achieve new hair regrowth, you will likely be disappointed.  

Other manufacturers claim that their products promote circulation to the scalp for healthy follicles. While blood circulation to your follicles is important, it does not guarantee that you will experience hair regrowth.

Still other products  are formulated to add volume and body. The more body and volume your hair has, the less obvious your hair loss problem will be. Very seldom will the manufacturer of a product or treatment guarantee hair regrowth. 

Why Hair Loss Products Don't Always Work

There are many reasons for hair loss. Such factors include heredity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. Underlying health conditions include anemia, cancer, thyroid disorders and auto-immune disorders. 

While a specific treatment might contribute to a healthy scalp, if the underlying cause is not corrected, you will not likely not see significant results. 

Regardless of the type of treatment you choose, there is no substitute for healthy nutrition. Consuming plenty of green leafy vegetables is important. Green vegetables such as collard greens, spinach, broccoli and brussels sprouts tops can provide your body a variety of nutrients needed for healthy hair and new hair growth. Green vegetables also oxygenate and detoxify your blood.  

Not enough protein is another cause of hair loss, particularly when you consider that hair is made up mostly of protein. Appropriate sources of protein include  fish, lean chicken and turkey, eggs and cheese. Spirulina, soy, whey and legumes are among the non-animal sources of protein.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for hair loss products, read the labels carefully. Consider the manufacturer’s claims and guarantees regarding the product. Hair loss product manufacturer’s don’t want to face legal problems due to false advertising, so they word their ads carefully. You might need to read a product’s description multiple times to make sure that you understand the manufacturer’s before choosing a hair loss product. 

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