What is the birthstone for July?It's a ruby. This is one of the most expensive gemstones out there. It's often priced more per carat than even a diamond. Here is how to get an affordable July birthstone.

Consider a star ruby. It's difficult to find a clear spotless ruby; you'll definitely pay for it. A star ruby isn't a faceted gem. This way you'll be able to get a bigger stone for less money. When you look in this stone you'll see a six point star. Obviously, the higher quality the ruby, the clearer the star. This works well if you want a usual way to wear july birthstones. It's also convenient for every day wear because it's more casual than a faceted stone. It even has a southwest look to it.

Be prepared for yellow gold. Since rubies are red, they are almost always set in yellow gold. This really contrasts with the color of the stone. You may have a preference for white gold or even silver. You can always have your ring re-plated, or even have the ruby put in a new setting. You can even have your birthstone ring custom made. However, going with standard yellow gold is probably going to be the cheapest option.

Look for a unique engagement ring. You may only be able to afford the July gemstone once, make it last. Gemstones were often used for engagement rings in vintage rings & in other countries. This will make your ring stand out, just be prepared for some unusual looks. Most of them will be pleasantly surprised. This way you won't have to compete with all of your other's friends diamonds because they won't have anything to compare it to.

Go for size over clarity. You may only have a few hundred dollars or even less to spend on birthstones for July. You can find large, opaque rubies set in sterling silver for under a hundred dollars. If you can't afford a sparkly, high end ruby, go for sheer carat weight to make your impact. You might even be able to pick up a heavy bracelet set in sterling silver that will give you that fabulous blood red color.

Give him a birthstone ring. This can be an unexpected present. These rings are usually only considered for women, but why not celebrate his birthday too? The ruby has a masculine color & would look fantastic in a pinky ring.

Stick to smaller pieces if you are going for quality. This will be more affordable. The ring will still make a statement because of the strong color. Also, the inclusions won't be as noticeable & you'll be able to get a nicer stone for the money.