What is the June Birthstone? It's a pearl. These are commonly used as graduation presents or worn at weddings. Pearls are pretty inexpensive so it's a good entry level gemstone if you don't have a lot of "real jewelry". The gemstone for june can turn into an heirloom that is passed down on wedding days. Use it as a way to start a new tradition.

Find your favorite color. Sure, white is the traditional color for pearls. However, it's your birthstone so you can wear whatever you want. You can find black pearls, chocolate pearls & even pink pearls. The dying process has become more sophisticated & you can even pick up inexpensive red or blue freshwater pearls. This is an unexpected way to wear a traditional stone.

Make it modern. Look for pearls paired with smoky quartz chips. You can even find pearl necklaces that have carved mother of pearl pendants. This works well if you want to show off your own personality while wearing the June birthstone gem. You don't have to limit yourself to the same strand of pearls that everyone else owns.

Use it in unusual ways for trendy birthstones. June gems may seem stuffy or too traditional. It might even remind you of your grandmother. Sure, the shape of the pearl is always going to be the same. However, you don't have to wear an entire strand of pearls. Instead, look for a more modern pearl pendant with a unique setting that bridges the new & old worlds.

Discover your own pearl. Granted, you aren't likely to do this while eating seafood, no matter what the movies make you think. However, you can often buy wish pearl sets. This an entire experience where you get a boxed mollusk. It's guaranteed to have a pearl inside of it. It's as simple as opening up the oyster, finding the pearl & then seeing what color you got. Legend has it that different colors will grant you different things like wealth or love, hence the wish. The set usually comes complete with a sterling silver pendant that you can easily open up & pop your pearl inside of. This is a unique gift that everyone will remember for years to come.

Think Jackie O. Jackie Kennedy Onassis really made pearls famous. John & Jackie even designed a pearl bracelet together for their wedding day. John added ropes into the design to represent his love of the ocean. Jackie often wore a triple strand of pearls. A simple pearl choker can make you feel more confident for that big job interview without your jewelry being too distracting.

Learn about freshwater pearls. These are cultivated by farmers & are often called cultured pearls. These are a lot less expensive than pearls that actually come from the sea. Tahitian pearls can cost thousands of dollars & the casual observer won't be able to tell the difference between the two.

Go for alexandrite. This is the alternate birthstone for June. Since pearls are so inexpensive you might want to splurge for one of the most expensive gemstones out there. It changes colors depending on the lighting & can go from green to red, blue to red or even brown to pink. Most people you meet will never own one, so they'll be fascinated by your choice of a June birthstone. The downside is that alexandrite is extremely difficult to find & most of your jewelry store clerks will never have heard of it.

Buy real pearls for your wedding. These might be just as cheap as the costume jewelry at the wedding shop. The plus side is that you'll be able to wear this jewelry again & again to remind you of your big day. You'll even be able to pass it on to your children because pearls never go out of style.