Perhaps you've been up late at night and caught an infomercial featuring a man in a business suit who claims his book has the answer to your problems. Whether your problems may include disease, health conditions, lack of money, or being in insurmountable debt, this man, Kevin Trudeau believes he's got an answer. And for just $30 or so, the purchase price of one of his books, you can solve your problems. Sounds great doesn't it?

Unfortunately, it is most likely too good to be true, and I'll tell you why. Kevin Trudeau, while claiming to be a consumer advocate who is looking to provide information for the good of the people, has been previously convicted for fraud and stealing money. While everyone who pays their price to society deserves a chance after doing their time, Mr. Trudeau has continually found himself in hot water with various agencies and the government. He's been sued and on the losing end of several lawsuits as well. This isn't to say Mr. Trudeau is a bad apple, but perhaps people should exercise caution when considering the purchase of any of the Kevin Trudeau books in his series.

To date, Mr. Trudeau has authored several books, including one that set off some major controversy. Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About was aimed at the government and health care industry. Its intention was to provide the citizens with health care wisdom that the health care industry is keeping from us. Chapters in this book include "What's Wrong with Health Care in America?", "Why Are We Sick" and "How to Never Get Sick Again". There's also an intriguing chapter "How to Lose Weight Effortlessly and Keep it Off Forever". Definitely something that McDonald's and other fast food restaurants wouldn't want us to know about, but is it really something Mr. Trudeau has narrowed down in his book. He also presents a chapter on Natural Cures for Specific Dieseases, which is what got him in trouble. Trudeau claimed there were cures for cancer and other severe diseases, which many of us know is completely untrue. The FTC filed a complaint against Trudeau in 2003, and in 2004 Trudeau agreed to pay $2 million in damages because he had claimed Coral Calcium Supreme could cure cancer and a biotape could cure or relieve serious pain. Trudeau filed his own counter lawsuits and motions against the FTC, one of which was unsuccessful and the other which is still in litigation. In 2006, Trudeau followed up "Natural Cures" with "More Natural Cures Revealed" book, that responded to complaints his previous book didn't contain any actual cures.

Trudeau's next book was "The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You To Know About", which includes a special 3 phase multi-month weight loss plan created by a British Endicronologist back in the 50's. This "Simeons diet" involves consumption of organic foods with colonic and liver cleansing, followed by daily hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin injections by a health care provider. Then in the final phase, the hCG is stopped but the diet is continued as 100% organic. Also recommended are daily walking of 1 hour per day or more and breathing exercise. Some of the things the plan recommends are avoiding all diet, lite and low carb foods, avoiding fast foods, avoiding foods with nitrates and employing Dianetics to treat all emotional or psychosomatic illness. Unfortunately there had been warnings made against this sort of diet plan as early as 1962, and there have been numerous consumer complaints about the book, and the FCC has filed a contempt-of-court order against Trudeau for the book. Kevin followed up that title with "Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About" in 2007, aiming to help customers resolve their unfortunate debt situations.

That brings us to the latest work seen on his infomercials, the Kevin Trudeau Free Money book. Kevin Trudeau's latest book called "
Free Money "They" Don't Want You to Know About" once again brings forth Kevin's personal research, but this time involving government grants and funds. Mr. Trudeau claims it's possible for the average American to claim all sorts of government grant money and funds, free of charge, simply by taking the time to fill out online or paper application forms. He cites in this commercial that he did several and received several hundred dollars just for a few minutes of his time. Once again, this book by Trudeau has raised eyebrows and brought the spotlight on him.

To date Kevin Trudeau has released about 7 books, 5 audio recordings and even 2 video recordings. His products claim to help people boost their memory to higher levels, to get rid of weight forever, and to start bringing in their share of all that free money floating around. People continue to question whether he has good intentions or is really just a consumer fraud. While Trudeau promises us "Free Money" in his latest book, that money is not free, as it comes at a price, and the unsuspecting consumers continue to pay that price to a wealthy Mr. Trudeau.