Laser surgery for stretch marks is a popular treatment practiced around the world. Laser surgery is new and now the most advanced form of treatment for many skin conditions which include acne scars, tattoo removal and even stretch marks. It shows result most effective on fair-skinned people. Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the surface of the skin that seem as lines and is of a different color. It is the result of tearing in the dermis, which over time can lessen but not fully disappear. The rapid stretching of the skin associated with weight gain during pregnancy, lifting weights to increase muscle mass or the dermis’s elasticity are causes of stretch marks.

Stretch marks can occur anywhere in the body; however the most likely place to find them is in area where there are large deposits of fat. Many people have them on the stomach, especially around the belly button, breasts, arms, back and on the thighs. It is also common to find the on the hips and bottom area. The good news is that stretch marks pose no health risk and does not place the body in any compromising situation where it is not able to repair or function normally. The only drawback is the look of it; hence many have opted for laser surgery for stretch marks to get rid of them.

Laser surgery for stretch marks removal works by using a light beam. This is a concentrated beam of light either yellow or green color in color. The laser works by stimulating  collagen and elastin production in the skin. Collagen and elastin provide for skin tone and texture.  The laser treatment when applied to the skin promotes the skin's elasticity and makes it seem thicker. Another advantage of the laser surgery for stretch marks is that it encourages the connective tissue cells in our body to divide thereby activating the body to produce new skin over the treated area.

 In addition, a low range laser focuses on the affected skin and slowly removes the outer layer of the skin. The laser beam removes one layer at a time and eventually  removes any scarred layer of skin. Recent studies have shown the 70 percent of patients who got laser surgery for stretch marks saw an improvement. It usually takes about two months for any visible results and a major improvement occurs in about 6 months. The laser surgery is most effective on the newest ones. So if you are looking to get rid of those you might want to consider laser surgery for stretch marks removal. The other important factor now to consider it the cost and finding a reputable doctor. Be sure to get the procedure done by a board certified and trained doctor.

Stretch mark removal cost varies greatly depending on the method you use. Many creams and treatments do promise remarkable results but is it worth the cost of the procedure? In some cases one patient will have a wonderful result to a treatment while another will not have the same effect with the same treatment. Believe it or not, with the wide variety of treatment options out there from laser surgery for stretch marks to creams for stretch marks, patients can pay from as little as $20 to as much as $5,000 for stretch mark removal.

There are many variables that influence the price of the treatment for stretch mark removal. The type and level of treatment determines the cost of the procedure,as well as  the site of the stretch mark and the stretch mark severity. Pricing can also be determined by the physician’s experience and where the practice place. A good surgeon will not have to repeat the procedure for you to meet the results you want. Consult varies doctors to gauge what the average laser surgery for stretch marks cost is in your area.

The cheapest and by far the most popular form of treatment is a natural stretch mark removal cream. A six month supply costs $10 to $300. Do not be fooled by the high price creams though, it may not give effective results, as the one that is lower in price. In a study conducted in France, participant were given unmarked tubes of creams for use on their stretch marks  for a month. Hence none of the participants knew which cream they were given nor the cost of it. About sixty-five percent of users saw better results with a lower priced cream. Only twenty-five percent of users said they saw an improvement using the higher priced cream.

Laser surgery for stretch marks removal is the most effective treatment but does cost more. A single treatment can start at $200 per visit and if you do need a series of treatments to get rid of the stretch marks then the cost can accumulate real fast. Patients tend to pay for each laser treatment per visit, and not all at one time payment.

The most expensive stretch mark removal procedure is a tummy tuck. It is a one time surgery that can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000. This procedure however, will tighten abdomen muscles and remove any excess skin in that area. A chemical peel is another way to get rid of stretch marks. They cost from $100 to $500 per treatment. Microdermabrasion can cost $75 per treatment and blue light therapy will put you out-of-pocket $50 to $150 per session. All these therapies will need more than one treatment to see the full effective and see optimal results. After the procedure you use special creams to keep up the results. The costs of these creams are not included in the treatment cost, so those are extra expenses.

Medical insurance will not cover the procedure of laser surgery for stretch marks cost as it is not considered a health risk. Insurance companies consider this procedure a cosmetic one and for this reason many plastic surgery practices will offer financing options to its patients. Some may choose to finance it through a financial company that they are familiar with. Whatever, your choice is seems that flawless skin is  achievable despite the cost.