We've all picked up a fitness and health magazine and saw a beautiful person with the perfect body in an advertisement. Usually those advertisements are for a certain brand of fat burner. Take this and 90 days later you can look like me, is what they all seem to say. Fat burners are designed to help a person lose weight. It does this by increasing energy; stimulate metabolism, decreasing appetite, or a combination of the three. Hydroxycut is the leading fat burner around but Lipo-6 is close on its heels.

Lipo-6 is created by Nutrex and was released in 2005. It has since won the award for Fast Loss Product of the Year for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Lipo-6 contains Synephrine HCL which helps break down fat quickly. It also contains Yohimbine HCL which is a thermogenic that helps rev up your metabolism. All of the ingredients are enclosed in 2 liquid pills that you take twice a day. You start out taking one pill 30 minutes before breakfast and then one pill in the afternoon. After you do that for 2 days, you then start taking two pills 30 minutes before breakfast and then two in the afternoon. You continue to increase your dosage every few days until you are taking a maximum of 6 pills a day. Do Not Exceed More Than 6 Pills In A Day. Lipo-6, in combination with healthy eating choices and regular exercise, should help you lose the extra weight you are looking to lose.

Nutrex has also designed different versions of Lipo you can choose from. They have Lipo 6 which is the original formula. They also have Lipo-6X which is supposed to be longer lasting then the original. Lipo-6X also contains an all natural vegetable capsule. There is a Lipo-6 Hers is supposed to work round-the-clock and is designed specifically for women. Finally there is Lipo-6 Black. Lipo-6 Black is the strongest version of Lipo-6 available. The company recommends that you use one of their other Lipo-6 versions before you try Lipo-6 Black. Once you've reached a plateau with the fat burner, then you can use Lipo-6 Black. You are to use all of the products in an 8 week cycle and then take one week off.