Malaria is one of the diseases that affect many people in the world especially in Africa. We should know the causes, symptoms and signs of malaria very well. Although the society is struggling to fight malaria, it seems that the efforts are becoming futile since the bacteria become resistant to drugs each day.

Causes of Malaria
Malaria is caused by a parasite known as the plasmodium. The parasites are transmitted by a female anopheles mosquito. When the mosquito bites a person, it injects the bacteria in the area. The bacteria find their way into the blood stream. This seems to be the only cause of malaria.

Symptoms of malaria
There are many symptoms which are associated with the infection.

The patient of malaria develops fever. Although the temperature of the body might be high, the person shivers and feels cold.

Lose of appetite
Malaria infection is mainly associated with lose of appetite. In this condition, the patient is not willing to eat although he or she may be feeling hungry. The patient also vomits regularly leaving them dehydrated.

Headache and sores in the throat.
The malaria malady is associated with headache. The headache is so severe that the patient is not able raise the head.  The patient is also not able to swallow food due to sores in the throat.

Weak joints and stomachache
The patient is not able to walk since the joints are weak. Malaria mainly affects the common joints. The patients also develop stomach pains. In this condition, malaria infection has reached its late stage and immediate action has to be taken.

To know get a hint if a person has the disease, examine the urine. Usually the urine is supposed to be colorless but a patient with malaria produces brown or yellow urine. The patient also takes a lot of water.

How to prevent malaria
Malaria can be easily prevented and treated through various ways.

 Sleep under treated mosquito nets
Since the transmission of malaria is through mosquito bites, it is advisable that you sleep under treated mosquito nets. This will help to drive away mosquitoes.

Drain away stagnant water
It is important to drain away stagnant water too. Still water is the main breading place for the bugs. It is advisable to drain the water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. We should also maintain high hygiene level and to make sure that we dispose waste properly.

Seek medical advice
See a doctor immediately you notice signs of malaria. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for the disease. Care must be taken to ensure that you do not delay to see a doctor whenever you have symptoms of malaria. This will help reduce the cases of death usually caused by malaria.