If you ask someone what the March gemstone is they will probably just give you a blank stare. It's not one of the more dramatic months for gemstones. This might even appear as a tricky trivia question. The March gem is aquamarine. Here is how to find & wear it in a way that will be special to you.

Head to the antique store. Aquamarines were common in antique jewelry. If you can't afford the prices there, go for a vintage inspired piece. The march birthstone color is a pale blue, so you need to balance that out with a strong setting that will get noticed. An easy way to do this is with elaborate filigree work.

Embrace subtlety. Aquamarines will never be" an in your face" or "look at me" kind of gem. This can make March birthstones feel kind of non descript. Find the beauty in its quiet grace. Plus, it's versatile enough that you can wear it any day of the week.

Use it as a substitute. Aquamarine is ideally a medium blue aqua color. However, the more inexpensive versions of this stone are practically white. You can even use it in place of diamonds & save a lot of money. You rarely see a highly faceted aqua that will sparkle like a diamond. However, this is a way to get a white gem if you don't like cz's.

Bring it into your wedding. You or your fiancé might have been born in March. It might be the month that you are getting married. You may just really like the birthstone for March. There are numerous ways to bring it into your wedding. You might want a more traditional diamond engagement ring. This doesn't mean that you can't wear aquamarine as your wedding jewelry. This way you can have a nice piece of jewelry that you are able to pass down to future generations. It's rare that your daughters will want to wear a 30 year old wedding dress, but they might fight over your wedding jewelry. It can even serve as your something blue if you are superstitious.

Set the March birthstone in white gold or platinum. This way it will bring the blue color out even more & it won't look like a clear gem. This also lends itself to the air of elegance that aquamarine provides.

Surround it. No matter if you are going for earrings, a necklace, bracelet or a ring, you might want to beef up the March birthstone a little bit. Surround the March birthstone with diamonds. This way it won't seem like you got stuck with the default gem because it will be special. It's good enough to be next to diamonds after all.