We use our neck a lot, but most of us do not see this until we feel pains on the neck. Neck pain is common to a lot of people because we usually overuse our neck. When we overuse our neck, it gets stressed and maybe the pain indicates that it is under stress. But, stress is not just the cause of neck pain. It can be due to accidents that injured your neck or it’s a symptom of another illness.

Neck pain can come with an aching head, face and shoulder. When you have neck pain, you may find it hard to swallow and to eat and you might feel that it is numb. The pain that you feel can be likened to being stabbed on the neck or being pinched. Your neck will also look abnormal, it can change its color to pale that might be because your veins and arteries on that area are blocked and it will also look deformed and when you hold it, it’s cool.

For you to get relief from your pain in the neck, you can follow these tips:

1.      Rest: You might have used your neck too much, so you need to rest it. With resting, this means that you will use the neck a little if possible. You don’t have to completely rest, but you still have to do some mild tasks.

2.      Exercise: A few days after you rested your neck, you can start exercising. This can make the healing process faster and help release the tensions in your neck. Just do some mild exercises.

3.      Cold treatment: Cold treatment can give you relief. Get some ice cubes and wrap those in a towel and apply it on your neck. Remember that when you apply the ice directly to your skin, it can cause irritation so always get something to wrap your ice.

4.      Use pillows: You can rest in your bed for some minutes and use a couple of pillows that you can put under your neck to keep it elevated because it will speed up the healing process when it is above your heart.

5.      Pop some meds: Get some pain relief medications that you can find over-the-counter or through a prescription.

6.      Pain relief ointment, gels, creams: You can also get some topical treatments for your neck pain that can easily be found over the counter.

7.      Heat Treatment: Heat can also make you feel soothed, but only apply heat on your neck on the second week of the neck pain attack when the swelling is already gone because this can increase the swelling. You can get a heating pad or just take a hot tub or go to a Jacuzzi.

8.      Acupuncture: You can schedule a session with an acupuncturist to be treated. Acupuncture as neck pain therapy helps in letting go some of the energy of your body that can help in healing and reducing the pain using the needles.  If your neck pain is already a chronic one, this one’s for you.

9.      Get a massage: Massage can increase the blood flow on your neck and this can help in reducing the pain on that part.

10.   Get a cortisone injection: This can give you neck pain relief because it can block the pain sensations.