What is the birthstone for November? It's citrine. The November gemstone can be a little disappointing depending on how you look at it. You might not even own any just because you don't like the orange color of citrine. It's just a passed over gemstone that people rarely fall in love with as their favorite. Here is how to get birthstones for November that you will actually like & want to wear.

Learn about ametrine. This gemstone is half amethyst, half citrine. It's an incredible way to wear the birthstone for November. It will definitely be the envy of everyone who sees it. This gem is half purple & half orange. It might even remind you of a sunset. This way you won't feel bad about being a November baby.

Go for the gold... birthstone. November's birth stone is often referred to as golden citrine. Stop thinking of it as yellow or orange & embrace the fabulous golden tone. If you pair it with yellow gold, it may just look like a liquid gold ring. Plus, citrines are often cheaper than gold so you get a big gold look for less money.

Pair it with brown. Chocolate brown is one of the hottest colors in fashion & jewelry. This can be anything from tiger eye, pearls, or even chocolate diamonds. The brown color will help take the edge off of the bright gemstone. It will make the ring more sophisticated & it's an unusual color combination. Plus, it's reminiscent of autumn & the month you were born.

Wear it from head to toe. You can probably afford to buy an entire set of citrine jewelry including a bracelet, ring, earrings & a pendant. You can mix & match pieces. Even if it's not your favorite gemstone, you can use it to pull together any outfit. It looks splendid with a t-shirt or jeans, or even a more expensive dress. This works well if you like to look put together but you don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning.

Keep it trendy. Citrine is a fun orange color. It can look out of place if you try to make it too sophisticated. Let the gem be what it is: bright, happy & full of life.

Check out briolette cut or beads. These are a little different from the typical faceted gemstone. However, citrine is a pretty inexpensive gem. You may even be able to afford an entire necklace made out of the November Birthstone. Just make sure that it isn't too heavy so you can actually wear it. It will look great against most skin tones & will help you show off your tan!

Look to Bond, James Bond. The Bond Girl in Casino Royale wore citrine. Caterina Murino sported a unique ring that was part of the Star Collection. It had a unique star shaped almost bubble cut that was unlike anything else that is going on in the jewelry world. This ring has had many imitations since & it gave the November birthstone a shining moment.