What is the October birthstone? It's opal. It's rare to say that this is someone's favorite gem. It's usually one that people feel ambivalent about. They might own just one piece simply because it's the gemstone for October. This stone is sometimes called God's paintbrush because it contains so many different colors. When you first look at an opal you might think, that's it? It seems to be quite forgettable since most opals look milky & opaque. Here is how to find & wear an opal that will actually have a wow factor.

Save money with a mosaic opal. This is one of the cheapest investments in an October gemstone. These are tiny, odd shaped pieces of opal that have been fit together like a puzzle or tile mosaic. Mosaic opal also might be called an opal triplet. You'll be able to afford a much larger stone this way. Another advantage is that you won't get the basic milky white gem that you'll usually find in solid opals. Opal triplets are often turquoise or blue & have flashes of pink, red & orange. It will definitely get a second look.

Look for fire opal. This version of birthstones for October also might be called Mexican fire opal. This is also one of the few faceted versions of the gemstone. This means that it's clear & looks more like what the traditional view of a gem is. The best part is that it's a brilliant orange color, much brighter than citrine. It's also an unusual gemstone that you might even be able to pick up as a souvenir during your travels. It's much better than a shot glass from a gift shop & you'll actually use it when you get home.

Look for an opal with fire. This is usually how opals are described. You may be disappointed when you get your first piece of these birthstones. October gems might just seem like a flat, white plain that doesn't even have the luster of a pearl. You might even feel ripped off. If you watch a home shopping show they'll always say "Opals don't really show up well on camera, it looks much better in person." They may or may not be telling the truth. Spend less money shopping on the internet than you would in a jewelry store for opal. At least at the jewelry store you can see what you are really getting. If all else fails, look at a synthetic opal even if you want a natural gemstone. Then you'll be able to see all of the different color flashes that this stone is supposed to contain.

Find pink opal. This is an opaque gem that almost looks like pink jade. October is also national breast cancer awareness month & the ribbons for those events are pink. Use it as a symbol of your own strength & femininity all combined into one piece.

Pair it with tanzanite. An opal can be used as an accent piece or as the focal stone with tanzanite surrounding it. The purple color of tanzanite brings out more flashes of color from the stone & just makes it seem more luxurious.

Go high end. Lightning ridge opals from Australia are some of the most sought after October birthstones. You'll pay more money for them, but the second looks that you get for it are worth the expense. If you want a high carat weight these can be as expensive as diamonds. However, it will be something that the general public hasn't seen before & you'll want to wear it all the time. It will show people that opals aren't just those cheap rings that you buy in gift shops.

Beat the deadline. If you are a Libra born from October 1-23 then your astrological sign is sapphire. If you were born on October 24+ then its beryl. By going with your astrological sign you'll be able to get a bolder gem with actual color.