Is it Worth Attending Penn Foster's Medical Coding and Billing Program?

Penn Foster Medical Coding and Billing Certificate Program- With Penn Foster's Medical Coding and Billing program you can get a good quality education right in the comfort of your own home.  They offer a rigorous program which incorporates ICD-9 coding and put their students their students on the path to ICD-10 examination.  Penn Foster offers a variety of the most current textbooks as well as easily accessed online student resources. The program also incorporates various optional webinars and discussion forums that are moderated by instructors with top credentials such as AAPC and AHIMA.
As an aspiring Medical Coding and Billing you will want to know how to manage various health records and file claims correctly. You will also have to know how to properly  prepare insurance forms, and handle the underlying bills. The Penn Foster Medical Coding and Billing Program have been well developed to assist you in acquiring these very valuable career skills.
As a professional Medical Coding and Billing Specialist you may have the opportunity to work in a doctor's office, a hospital or even in a private billing service. Once you are properly certified, you can basically choose where you want to work. As a prospective medical coding and billing student, you will be trained in the following: Law and Ethics, in Medicine, Body Systems Terminology 1 and 2 and Electronic Medical Records. 
According to Penn Foster, The coursework includes the following: HIT 204 Medical Coding 2_The Medical Coding 2 course makes adequate use of the application of the CPT and ICD-9-CM classification systems in the coding and diagnosis and processes. Study Guide: Medical Coding 2_Textbooks:  The clinical Coding Workout 2011 and ICD-9-CM 2011, and the CPT 2011 Computer Specifications

What Are The Benefits Of Attending A Penn Foster Medical Coding and Billing Online Program?

There are many benefits to attending Penn Foster Online Programs. Some of those benefits include:
  1. Access to excellent career services resources for graduates (this is very important especially for those doing a coding and billing program online.  Their career services can help you find a job if you are not planning on going to business for yourself.  Any medical coding and billing program you choose should either have a post graduate placement program or a career service department that will help you find a good job. Their career services program also helps you prepare for your interview and compile your resume and cover letter.
  2. They satisfy state requirements
  3. They are a respected and fully accredited (regionally and nationally) institution and their Medical Coding and Billing program is well respected.
  4. More that 13 million students have since enrolled in their training programs and this has made them among the world's biggest and most respected institutions for distance learning.
  5. They offer extra certification eligibility where their Medical Coding and Billing graduates are valid to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist credential exam which is being offered by the AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association), they can also sit for the Certified Professional Coder examination which is offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders.
  6. There is fee full year Student Membership in the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) that comes with this program.
When you contact Penn Foster, they send you free information with no strings attached. The information they send you pretty much answer all the questions that you have pertaining to the program such as: books needed, study guides, and learning aids you need. Once you become a student, unlimited, toll-free instructional support is offered as well as access to student services by website, phone, and mail. You will also get extra instructional support  via webinars and group training sessions.

Costs of Attending Penn Foster's Medical Coding and Billing Program

To get a complete certification as a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist with Penn Foster costs under $1000. In fact if you pay the cost in full it is $730 but you can pay low monthly payments of $46 which in the long-run, at the end of the payment plan you will have paid $800. Considering that as a Medical Coding and Billing Specialists you can make well over $25,000, that is a small investment towards your career. Those in the US armed forces may be able to get discounts to attend this program. 
You will also need Internet access, the latest version of Windows and a functional computer to be successful in this program. There are many personal loans you can apply for online even if you have bad credit in order to finance your education.
Your Certificate in Medical Coding and Billing from Penn Foster can be earned just as six months, or you may opt to take longer depending on your schedule and commitments.
You should research different online Medical Coding and Billing programs before you make your final decision about which program to attend.  Even though Penn Foster is affordable, there may be another program out there that is more compatible with what you are looking for.