Dining pedestal tables are a very classic kind of style. It can be very elegant. Instead of the traditional legs it's going to use pedestals. Here are several different styles that you should really be on the lookout for.

Since this is such a classic design style it's very rare to see it in the modern design. This is because usually it has an oval or circle top to it and the modern designs focus more on clean straight lines such as squares and rectangles. If you do want to work this style into more of that contemporary kind of finish then you're really going to have to make sure that you go with a piece that uses unusual materials. This could even just be a really simple glass and metal.

You really see this a lot in traditional home decor. However, you can still make it work within your theme especially if you have a Tuscan kind of design style. This is going to be a really large dining room table that can seat a lot of people. It can even be called a double pedestal table. This is going have a pedestal on either end for support. You can also get extended versions. This can really seem to overtake the room. However, you can really create a rich feeling by going with leather parsons chairs as well. However, since these pieces are so large you may find that you don't even really need to use a buffet. This is also going to be one of your most expensive options.

Almost any kind of chair can work with this sort of table. You can get a country look or farmhouse styling with a Windsor chair. Use a parson's chair for more modern aesthetics. Skirted and upholstered chairs work well for the shabby chic and cottage style. Even if you already have one of these tables in your room just try changing out your chairs instead of going for an entirely new set.

The base of the pedestal itself can also really be the focal point of your room. In this case it makes a lot more sense to just make sure that you go with a piece that's covered in leather instead of the typical wooden base. This can be very contemporary or rustic depending on the material as well as the finish of the rest of the wood piece. This is going to take a very classic silhouette and upgrade it instantly.

If you don't need an extending dining room table then you may want to go with a glass pedestal table. The really great thing about this is that you're going to see the entire structure of the pedestal. You're going to see this a lot in more of the modern kind of design styles. It might have in a wrought iron base to it. This is great for small spaces because even then it will seem very light and airy and it will also be one of the least expensive options that you really come across.