What is the birthstone for September? It's sapphire. Sapphires are expensive. You may have bought inexpensive ones in the past that just looked like black rocks. Ideally the stone is supposed to be a shimmering dark blue. Sapphire is often used as a diamond alternative in engagement rings & has even been chosen by princesses & celebrities. Here is how to get an affordable birthstones for September that you'll love.

Find your color. You might not be comfortable wearing a navy blue stone all the time. It might seem too masculine. You may even think that it clashes with those black wardrobe staples you own. Plus, it seems like a pretty basic gemstone. The Sept birthstone is one of the few gems that the general public can rattle off because it's so well known. Sapphires come in every color under the sun. Of course, they are available in rich dark blues, violets & a medium blue of Ceylon sapphires. However, you can also find sapphires in green, yellow, orange, purple, pink & even white.

Make it a piece you can wear everyday. Sapphire scores a 9 on the Mohs scale. A diamond is a 10. This means that the stone is quite durable & perfect to wear all the time. Just make sure that the ring keeps a low enough profile that it won't get in the way of your work, or snag your sweaters.

Look for a multi sapphire ring. Take advantage of the many colors that are available in sapphire. You can find rings or bracelets that have channel set sapphires that graduate in color & look like a rainbow. This will be less glaring than other multi gemstone pieces that contain different stones like peridot, citrine, & topaz. Plus, you'll be able to educate people about the September gemstone.

Personalize it. This works especially well if your Mom or any of her kids were born in September. You might want a piece of jewelry that doesn't look like the basic "mom" pendant. You can find a piece that has a different color sapphire for each of her kids. Arrange them according to personality which will give her fun stories to tell whenever someone asks about her pendant.

Look to the stars. Like rubies, you can also get a star sapphire. This even works well for men. It's not a faceted gem & when you look into it, you'll see a thin star made out of white lines. Some people even use this as their family symbol where each member wears a piece of the jewelry everyday as a reminder of who they are & where they came from.

Bring it into your wedding set. When you think of a unique wedding set you probably think of sapphire. It's a different gemstone that won't seem disrespectful or even silly if you wear it as an engagement ring. You can use it on either side of a diamond. If you aren't feeling particularly brave, try it on your wedding band. You can have both sapphires & diamonds on the band so it matches a traditional white diamond engagement ring.

Fake the size. You might not be able to own your dream birthstones. September gifts can be affordable. However, it can be too expensive to buy really large sapphires. Instead, try a cheaper focal stone like blue topaz. Then you can just accent the piece with sapphires to save hundreds of dollars.