What Kind Of Courses Can I Take Through Straighter Line Online School

 StraighterLine offers excellent quality, low cost online college courses and distance learning courses for the busy professional who wants to get a quality education. You get real, transferable college credits that you can use towards furthering your educational goals. With StraighterLine, you can get a good quality education without having to worry about graduating with a mountain of debt and you can take courses at your own pace and on your own schedule.  StraighterLine is one of the many online colleges that allows you  accomplish your dream of educating yourself or get a better job by having a better education.  

In today's world, there is just no excuse why you can't go back to school and accomplish your goals without breaking the bank or taking up all your time. With StraigherLine, you pay online $999 for freshman year and you get to take up to 10 course.  StraigherLine also allows you to take individual courses in case you just need those individual credits.  

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Some Individual Courses That StraighterLine Online School Offers

College Algebra, Course: MAT101, you pay $399.00 or just $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Has three transferable College Credits.
This College Algebra online course offers the students a good working knowledge in college-level algebra as well as its applications, laying emphasis on methods used to solve linear and quadratic equations, word problems, and radical equations,and polynomial, rational, and applications.

Students immerse themselves in working on real numbers and polynomials,  rational, and radical expressions, and simplified algebraic equations. Just like all the other online college algebra courses, their course material also examines the arithmetic and geometric sequences and equally discusses linear equations and inequalities.

The students learn to graph linear, quadratic, and absolute value, functions. They solve and graph exponential and logarithmic equations. Other college algebra online topics include solving applications using linear systems, and evaluating and finding partial sums of a series.

General Calculus II, Course: MAT251, you pay $399.00 or just $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Has three transferable College Credits.
In this very intense course, the student learns calculus principles which include derivatives, integrals, applications and modeling, limits, approximation and sequences & series. Upon completion of this course, the students will get experience in using calculus methods and also learn how the calculus methods can be applied practically in everyday live. In this course you won't ask yourself "when am I ever going to use this again?"  Some of the topics are the Application of Integrals, Antiderivatives and Definite Integrals, and Infinite Sequences and Series.

Business Statistics, Course : MAT150, Your Price : $399.00 or only $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Has three transferable College Credits.
This is an online statistics course which will well arm students with most of the basic concepts used in business statistics and also provide a really comprehensive scope of the subject matter. Students will get used to statistical analysis of samples, compute the measures of location and dispersion, and interpret them for descriptive statistics.  Just like the other online college statistics courses, the student will learn model diagnosis, multiple regression, model building, correlation analysis, linear regression, and time series regression using various models. This  course also evaluates basic concepts used in probability and then makes application of discrete and no-discrete probability distributions. Some other topics in this statistics course are constructing a hypothesis on one and two samples, performing one-way and two-way analysis of variance, applying nonparametric methods of statistical analysis, and making decisions under risk or uncertainty.  

United States History I, Course : USHIST101, you pay $399.00 or just $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Has three transferable College Credits.
This is a course that focuses much on the climate that had existed  in  the Americas up to 1861. The students will  learn more about European exploration and colonization in  the New World and consequently examine its impact on Africa, Europe and the early US. The rise of the political, economic, social and religious institutions is analysed. Exact causes of the American Revolution are also discussed in detail, as is the resulting outcome on politics, society and the economy. The students get the idea how the Industrial Revolution and Western movement influenced the lives of Americans. They will also dive into the reasons for and events of the Civil War with an emphasis on the era of Reconstruction.

Western Civilization I, Course : CIV101, you pay $399.00 or just $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Has thee transferable College Credits.
This course offers students an in depth overview of the progress of early civilizations from Neolithic times to year 1715. Former and contemporary culture of the Western are fully compared and contrasted, too are the main religious, socio-political reforms. Extra topics include the religious impact of Judaism and the Bible, the upcoming and fall of former Greece, and the change of Rome from state to an empire. The Crusades, the origins of feudalism, and the evolution of Christianity are fully examined, as is the evolution which took place in the European economy during Westward expansion. The Scientific Revolution &Enlightenment period are also discussed. 

Introduction to Criminal Justice, Course : CJ101, you pay $399.00 or just $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Has three transferable College Credits.
This in depth Criminal Justice course dives right into the former, current, and upcoming American criminal justice system. Topics dealt with include process of making laws;  the history and forms of law enforcement; layout of the system of court; and the evolving philosophies in  the correctional system in America. The students will  also look at the role of the death penalty, legal precedent, prison life, and the juvenile justice system.

Introduction to Sociology, Course : SOC101, you pay $399.00 or just $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Have three transferable College Credits.
The Sociology course offers a wide view on sociology and the way it is applied in daily life. Main theoretical perspectives and ideas are dealt with, some of them are culture, deviance, sociological imagination,  inequality, social structure and social change. The students will also explore influence of social classification and social institutions, such as education, government, churches, healthcare, economy, and environment. The family as a social structure is also examined.

Personal Finance, Course : FIN101, you pay $399.00 or just $39 with a monthly subscription plan. Have three transferable College Credits.
Upon completion of this course, you will learn how to, plan, and manage your financial affairs. It will lay focus on the development of various practical methods of organizing all your financial information, interpreting your personal financial position and cash flow, developing achievable and worthwhile goals, and implementing actionable plans and risk management techniques to meet those goals. Specific topics to be covered include money management, insurance, and investing.

Introduction to Nutrition, Course : NUTRI101, Your Price : $399.00 or only $39 with a monthly subscription plan. transferable College Credits: 3

If you need a Nutrition credit course for health related applications, this course has 3 transferable college credits and you will learn the way the body uses nutrients, the way nutrition affects the bodily health and the way your nutrient needs vary at various stages in your life.The course will as well explore how society, psychology, and your own values and beliefs affect what and how you eat.

These are just some of the courses that StraighterLine offers if you wish to take them individually.  Since these courses are transferable it is very convenient way to complete the courses you need for a particular degree.