It's Vacation Time

  VacationCredit: Matthias Scholz at Wikimedia Commons   Everyone loves a good vacation, whether they're going alone, or have a wife and children to share it with. However there are certain aspects to any vacation that shouldn't ever be overlooked.

     Furthermore, no matter how one might warn other members of their family or travel buddies not to complain, they invariably still do. Particularly children. Many wish afterward that they'd had something with which to placate their bored little and sometimes grownup passengers. Yet no matter what they try, even by having drinks and food available for the ride, someone complains and usually not once, but many times.

     Children particularity have a propensity for declaring their boredom and constantly asking when they'll be where they're supposed to be at once the ride is over. While they'll always need to stop to use the bathroom every ten minutes it may seem, there are ways to at least keep them occupied. Not just occupied for a few minutes here and there, but enough that they don't ask the same questions over and over again.

     What keeps children occupied during long rides, if its not reading something, its listening to music, watching a DVD or playing a hand-held video game. All of these devices however only have so much battery life and once the batteries die, they'll begin to whine again. That is where another gadget comes into things.

The Best Gadget Ever For People Using A Car For Vacation Traveling

 Train TracksCredit: PhillippOh at Wikimedia Commons    Vacation time is a time for families to get together and enjoy life after a strenuous year, or strenuous several months. That means either taking a flight, train or ship. However often times people will save money by using their own transportation, if its possible within their state or country. Which means they'll be in a car for several long hours traveling to their destination. Not everyone is going to enjoy travel by car, but not everyone gets a say, particularly not children.

     Traveling in a car can be boring, especially for any children one might have. That's where the handy little gadget, the Coffee Cup Power Converter comes into play. This interesting power converter cup should save many a parent headaches when traveling via an automobile, boat or other vehicle.

CarCredit: Benson Kua on flickr     For those who choose to travel by car, truck or their own boat, this cup may prove to be a necessity. There are times when cellphones batteries die and one is stranded out in the middle of nowhere. The only way to get a hold of someone, should that happen, is to walk. Not so if they have a coffee cup power converter. The trick however is to make sure the cellphone is being charged before the emergency happens. After all, is it not better to be safe and ready rather than to not prepare for the worst, whether or not it ever happens?

What Is The Coffee Cup Power Converter?

     This power converting cup that holds coffee is a gadget that is shaped like a coffee cup and fits right inside a vehicles cup holder. This way it wont be rolling all over the car and its in a convenient location to be used. One only needs to plug it into their cars cigarette lighter socket and the DC power from the car “gets converted into two 120-volt AC outlets.”[3723]

     These two outlets are great for when portable game systems, DVD players, cellphones and other portable electronic devices need to be recharged. Plus it includes a USB charging port for charging other gadgets like mp3 players that not only do kids enjoy, but parents and even some grandparents too. This little invention is an amazing gadget to have whether one is in a car, a truck, or on a boat. It helps to keep anyone who might be bored or need to get in contact with someone from being bored and out of touch during vacation travel.

     It really is a neat little gadget for all the things it can do to make traveling a better experience. Not just for kids, but their parents as well. Not just for parents either, but anyone who doesn't have kids, because there are just times when one needs to recharge something. Like their cellphone. Although it is discouraged and illegal in many areas to use a cellphone while driving. That doesn't mean one can't pull over as long as its in a spot where its allowed and use their cellphone in an emergency. No more getting stranded in the middle of little to no traffic area and just hoping someone will come by, who isn't a serial killer or something just as bad, to help.

How Can The Coffee Cup Power Converter Save Parents Headaches During Car Travel?

SailingCredit: Velela on Wikimedia Commons     This little gadget which converts power, can really save parents who chose to go sailing or who chose to travel via car a lot of headache. With this convient little invention that looks like a cup of joe which can convert power, their children's mp3 players, portable game consoles and portable DVD players can be recharged.

     When kids have something to do they're less likely to complain and persistently ask the old, well knowing annoying question. That question being whether they've arrived yet at their intended vacation destination. Therefore this is truly a gadget no parent should be without, especially during a long drive.

     Plus, if one suddenly has a flat tire and their cellphone needs to be recharged they have a way to recharge it. Once charged, they'll then be able to call the closest garage, or ask the operator for a number to one. That's another time when the coffee cup power converter will come in extremely handy.

     So, for those people who decide to travel in less luxurious styles, this power converting coffee cup would be an ideal gadget to keep around. The kids should certainly be happy and their parents too, since when the kids are preoccupied, its easier and safer to drive.

     It may not be a toy and therefore not really something anyone can play with. It is however a gadget that will make traveling a whole lot more fun for kids and a hell of a lot less stressing for parents. Less questions, less whining and less arguing. It may not resolve every issue that pops up when traveling in a car without certain amenities, but it'll help. It's possible that some may come to wonder why they didn't get a coffee cup power converter earlier.