Fitness Fusion

What is the NIA Technique?

     NIA stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. It is a form of meditation. However it is not the type of meditation one thinks about where people sit on their rumps, their eyes closed and holding their hands in a certain way. No, this technique is all about movement. It is a workout, one which energizes and over time gives one not only a new body, but also a new life as it claims to do on the book by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas. This particular technique can be an addictive form of meditation and exercise once a person really gives it a chance. And those who do give it a real chance, wont soon regret having done so.

MeditationCredit: Bryan Helfrich on Wikimedia Commons     Like with many meditative classes and many workout classes there are NIA classes. Sometimes these NIA classes can find its home at a college as a wellness class of perhaps a single credit as with Corning Community College in Corning, New York. Even if one does not need a wellness class, it is an amazing opportunity and experience not to be missed.

What Else Should I Know about It?

 Tai ChiCredit: DrVince at fr.wikipedia and wikimedia commons    What one should know about it, is that it is a mix of both meditation and exercise, which incorporates some Tai Chi and other forms of martial arts into it. This technique really is a work out and can have a person breaking a sweat. It's also about dance, a dance which has certain movements to help ones body, although there is also free-style dancing as is the case in many classes at the end of the class itself.

     When everything is added together, it helps not only the mind, but the body. It cleanses the body and rids the mind of tension and stress. It can be fun and there are different levels of the NIA Technique so that not everyone has to bend their knee completely, but instead only pick their foot up slightly off the ground. This allows everyone to do what they can, not be forced to do something they're not capable of as with those whom have had a past injury that does not allow for too much movement.

Some People Might Feel Silly at First

      When starting the classes for this form of exercise and meditation, some people might feel silly when it comes to doing the dancing portion at least, especially the free-style part. That is, if they don't do self-study. However the free-style part still wants people to move in ways that were taught through the movements found within the book. However one need not feel silly at all, because they're not the only one who has to do the movements, but instead the whole class. A class which will lead to a stress reduced body and mind while having fun doing each of the motions. It's always better in a class, with an instructor, than alone.

     It's one type of meditation, one type of workout that no one should miss. Eventually one no longer thinks about how silly they might feel, because instead the NIA Technique will show them how to feel good and they will feel wonderful.

Who Can Enjoy this form of Meditation and Exercise?

     Anyone can enjoy the NIA Technique, because there are different levels to it that even senior citizens or people with a leg brace can enjoy. Its about being able to move and meditate in a way that a persons body allows. There are various movements, some so small, as small as flicking a wrist or wiggling a toe or ones fingers. It doesn't matter a persons age or ailment and in fact some peoples ailments might even get better with the help of the NIA Technique.

     There have been people mentioned in the book written by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas that have had aches and pains suddenly become less painful or even disappear completely. Maybe it doesn't work for everyone, but its definitely worth trying out one of the classes for a duration of at least ten weeks, better yet, twelve weeks. There's more than one class. There's NIA Technique class I and II.

    What's even more interesting is that someone who does well in both classes can later take a test to become an instructor themselves. The student can become the teacher as long as they understand the NIA way and pass the test. There are five different belts for the NIA technique. White, Green, Blue, Brown and Black. Just like other martial arts classes they have belts for different reasons. To acquire these belts one does have to pay a fee and pass each class to move onto the next.

What is this I Hear about a Journal?

     NIA Technique classes involve keeping a weekly journal that will be gone over at the end of each week. There should be a journal for every day of class, or at least one entry for each week about each individuals journey of the NIA Technique. Sure it might seem like a pain, but everyone shares something they learned, something they felt and how the class might have improved their lives. Be the improvement because of their breathing, their heart rate, reducing stress or reducing aches and pains.

    The journal is essential to this particular technique and should never be overlooked. It teaches each individual more about themselves, how they feel and what works for them and helps them later to develop new goals once they've reached the goals they first made.

    Not everyone will experience the same exact feeling, but it might be close. People within the same class period will really grow close to one another as they share an experience in the most advanced form of fusion fitness, The NIA Technique. It is a blending of martial arts, healing arts, dance and spiritual self-healing cannot be beat. It offers people so much more than any single form of fitness, because it has so much fused together into a single class.

    This technique, which encourages people to dance through life is amazing and anyone can achieve not only physical fitness in various form, but mental well-being. The mental well-being doesn't just come from the motions, but the journaling and sharing. Thus the reason a class with an instructor is far superior to self-study. One, however does not have to share everything if they don't feel like it, but to at least share one small thing will make all those within the same class closer. It will also make each individuals experience that much more intense.

     Once a person has a taste of the NIA Technique, they'll doubtless be drawn back to it like a bee to a field of flowers, or a monarch butterfly to milkweed.