Bluetooth headsets are widespread nowadays and have become a consumer mass produce, not a fancy gadget anymore. Not long ago all headsets had wires, but obviously that has some inconvenient some users don't really want to think of all the time. Today headsets with wires are becoming more and rarer because of the innovation of Bluetooth. You can find many top Bluetooth headsets at affordable prices.

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth headset you may decide to go for a more expensive Bluetooth headset like Plantronics Discovery 97. This top Bluetooth headset is certainly worth considering. It has a fantastic audio quality but it also comes at a rather amazing price. This headset costs over 100 dollars. Even if you would expect it to be the perfect headset when taking in consideration its price you should know it is not so. The Plantronics Discovery 975 has a button that is pretty hard to press. If you have big fingers this headset will certainly annoy you because of its tiny buttons.

top bluetooth headsets

If you look hard enough you will also be able to find budget priced top Bluetooth headsets. It is possible that some of the Bluetooth headsets available on the market are overpriced simply because they are designed by a well known brand.

One of the top Bluetooth headsets models that may interest you is the Aliph Jawbone Icon. It comes with several ear fit options so you will be able to choose how to wear it in the most comfortable way. The quality of the sound of this headset model is really amazing and it also manages to cancel out the wind and background noise superbly. As with any device the Aliph Jawbone Icon is not perfect. So if you buy it you may also find it has disadvantages, however we believe this is one of the top Bluetooth headsets and it really is worth considering buying it. It is a high quality Bluetooth headset that comes at a great price.

Another interesting Bluetooth headset is the Blue Ant Q1 which is a Bluetooth headset full of style. You get to control it entirely with voice commands.

These are only some of the interesting Bluetooth headsets you can find on the market today. There are many more top Bluetooth headsets, so if none of the models above have convinced you should still continue searching for a Bluetooth headset that really fits your style.