There are numerous strategies to help you select a profitable securities market investment, and everyone provides you with advantages and some drawbacks. We'll consider here two strategies of finding the best portfolio for newcomers.

Advice from professionals. This is probably the ideal source of stock market investing information nowadays. You'll easily find an incredible number of public information such as sites, TV shows and newspapers presenting you a lot of reliable strategies. Some of these will concentrate on a certain area, like commodities market, while other will present you an overview of the entire process. The right strategy to find an informative overview which suits you is to track more of these for a couple of weeks, to understand if their recommendations pays off. When you discovered the right source you now need to establish a way to invest on the tips they give. The good part about professionals' tips is also the main drawback: you're not the only one reading those tips. If you subscribe to a tips newsletter suggesting you to buy shares to a certain mutual fund which probably will have a good evolution it's certain that you will be far from the only person informed to buy a package of shares. This is why you need to move fast. If you buy early, and you receive correct information, the number of traders making the same move will put you in advantage, forcing the stocks up even more than it was going to increase anyway. If you don't move fast to buy then you may miss the boat, as the new buyers will take the shares prices to the next level.

Your knowledge. Many of us are afraid to use their own experience when considering stock market investing. If you have worked for 20 years in a certain field of activity you definitely are in possession of resources which you can use. Unless you make illegal use of your sources in your dealings it's absolutely fine.

We should take a look to a concrete situation. Let's say you are the owner of a coffee shop and you observe that an unknown company makes preparations for a big advertising campaign, and you see that what they have is cheaper than the others on the market, and still having a great quality. Probably is a possibility that their market share, and what they worth on stock market, will go up. You still need more information before buying the shares. We want to see that the company doesn't have money problems and not planning the final strategy to save themselves before closing the shop.

Applying what you learned implies being quicker than other investors.