The coffee that inspired my improving customer service article

cup of coffee
Credit: Riley Nottingham

A cup of coffee - a good example of customer service!

How this cafe is improving its customer service, one pattern at a time.

I love the coffee from this cafe (won't mention their name because I haven't asked them).  If you ordered a cappucino, tell me - would you be really impressed at this pattern?  I AM!!  I was dumbfounded when I got this - such precision.  It's so awesome!  I know that baristas have lots of time to practise this kind of stuff and hence can get really good, but to a new customer I think it's just tops.

This coffee is improving their customer service and how I view their business in a number of ways:

  1. It smells great.
    Even before I taste it or let my eyes gaze upon it for more than a moment, I can smell that it's great coffee.  So they've obviously put the time and effort into finding a quality blend, maybe even creating their own custom blend, and I subconsciously appreciate that.  Nothing worse than bad coffee.
  2. It looks great.
    If I ordered a short black and got a cappucino, I'd be annoyed, especially if they didn't handle it well.  This is just an example, because I DID order a cappucino, but my point is this: even if I didn't order a cappucino, the face and pattern on this coffee is so impressive, I would either
    a) drink it
    b) say, "Wow, this looks awesome and I'm so impressed ... but I actually ordered a short black."
    c) tell them I didn't order it and I wanted a new one, AFTER I drank it just because it looked so cool.  Cheeky me!
  3. My experience is enhanced.
    It actually did taste really good, which is why I'm going back there.  It complemented all my other food choices well, and I ordered a second one.  When I went to pay for it, I was happy to pay $3 or $4 or $5 a cup for it because I think it is worth that.  Because I consciously and not-so-consciously appreciate the effort they put into their product.  I still think that is a really cool looking and tasting coffee and I still show the photo to my friends and I still write about it (like I am now).

This cafe cares about the experience they give customers.  Obviously they've done some customer service skills training with their staff as well, because everyone was very nice and all the baristas do similar awesome, yet unique, patterns.  I'm just one customer, and I've given them:

  1. Great word-of-mouth advertising
  2. A small level of Internet advertising (even though I haven't mentioned their name or exact location in Brisbane, Australia, people inevitably write to me and ask, and I tell them)
  3. Further business - I have taken interstate friends and family there because I know that we will receive great customer service, food and drink and a lovely atmosphere

I've got to shoot off now, as I want a coffee.  Actually.  Let's be honest, I actually just want to eat the yummy face on the top.