It all started a few years back, when I had a vision of creating something (anything really) online to gen
erate income. I was finance driven and did not care back then about what I though to be a small and
Online Passive Income"not generating money fast enough" part of the scheme - writing articles. I still want to make money fast, and still am finance driven.

Although InfoBarrel started for me as a passive income experiment, somewhere along the way, I got to discover quite a few interesting fact.


Stop running in the wheel

I was constantly striving to get somewhere. Work harder, do more, increase income, knock people off their feet with better results and if there is some time left, party hard. I was great at all of it. This tempo has an impact on every aspect of ones life, both negative and positive, but I have a separate article lined up about that.

Man in Hamster WheelWhat I would like to write about is how I found out quite a bit about myself when I stopped for a second and though about the topics I should write on.

It is at that particular moment when you start to analyze yourself, dig deeper within you to find out what you know, what are your hobbies, what are your strong and weak points, why should you write about this and not that.

It was wonderful. The moments where blissful. At first you can not think of anything important to write about, nothing you are really good at. It is like trying to break through a brick wall at first, but once you do it, you see it all more clearly. All the thing you did in life, all the experience that makes you unique and all the other experiences that are shared with millions. It is beyond beautiful.

You discover things about yourself that were lurking within, only to surface on demand. You will be very happy with yourself and your life to this point, just stop and think about it.

Be openminded

I would like to think of myself as openminded. I like doing new things and experimenting. After all, if you don't do new thing, you do not learn. When you do not learn, you do not evolve.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and I told him about my idea to write. I suggested he would try itThinking out of the BoxCredit: svilen001 as well, as he had a lot of free time and was trying to figure out what to do with it (for a few years now). His answer was that he does not write as he can not do it properly. I must note that my friend does not do anything (job wise) at the time.

Well, even if it sound about right to some, to me it sound like the person has no interest in trying. That is a shame, for none of us a born great writer, and most of us will never be as such, but we can always try. If we fail, we can try harder next time, or give up. Practice makes perfect, or almost perfect, or at least it makes you experienced at something. It is entirely up to you. You see, to be called a failure is an honor also, for you can not be called a failure unless you try to do something.

It is much better to try and fail, then to have never tried at all.

Fusion it all

I stopped, I opened up and listened to my inner self for a bit. I had and still have a lot to tell, and trust me, I am so eager to listen. I understood that I am really good at what I do, much better than I though I was. I understood that I was afraid of things that are not real and that I am missing out on some that are.

I feel like I was running blind, and had the chance to stop and sneak a peek at the world.
I resumed my marathon along all of you, but every now and then I stop to open my eyes and let the colors in. Someday I will walk this life without my blindfold.

I can only hope I will not be alone.