A Landscaping Project

Above ground swimming pools landscaping will make all the difference in making your above ground pool fit more naturally into the home landscape. When you add an above ground pool to your yard you get a very quick pool that is great fun for swimming and relaxing but you get something else as well - a landscaping project.

Above ground pools are a bit tricky to landscape around because unlike their in-ground counterparts, the sides are several feet above ground level and they are not surrounded by cement as in-ground pools tend to be. That means some sort of landscaping is needed to handle the splashing water that is sure to escape from the pool into the yard.

The Basic Landscape Material

The first thing that you want to do to landscape around your above ground pool is to add a landscape material around the perimeter that will take the water. Whether you have a chlorinated or saltwater pool it is important to have a few feet of material other than grass. That way you won't end up with dead grass or mud around the pool.

The best material to use is mulch or rock. Mulch is a nice choice if you want a natural looking area around the pool and if you don't think that people with bare feet will be walking through it often. Mulch is not a great idea for bare feet since it sticks to feet and will not only poke a foot but it will find its way into the water.

If the area will get foot traffic, rock is a better choice. Rock is easy to walk on barefoot without sticking to feet and the water will not have any impact on it. The downside to rock is that it gets hotter than mulch, so your plants will prefer the mulch.

Whether you use mulch or rock, this is the foundation of your poolside landscaping.

Planting Material

When it comes to finding good flowers or shrubs for the above ground pool, pick ones that are tough. Since there will be water that splashes over the side of the pool you will want plants that can take the wall of water that will fall on them once in a while. Frilly flowers will not look good around the pool.

When it comes to trees be careful. Planting trees near a pool is going to cause a lot of skimming and vacuuming through the years. Evergreens are good choices if you want to create a screen but keep enough distance so that the needles do not fall into the water as even these trees can drop rubbish into the pool. It is best to keep natural plants at or below the height of the pool wall to keep your water clean.

Privacy Screen

If you keep shrubs or trees far enough away from the water they will make an effective screen a few years down the road. To insure that you don't end up with leaves and needles at the bottom of your pool, consider another privacy option.

If you need to block a specific view, such as a neighbor's house or the street, add a privacy fence near the pool. A fence is a better option that plantings close to the pool since it will not shed leaves into the water. To keep it natural, consider only adding a fence where you really need it, unless you need to surround the pool for security or safety reasons. For example, if you really want to block the neighbor's living room window view a small section of fence might do the trick.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Solved

By adding mulch or rock around the pool, resilient flowers and shrubs where water will reach, avoiding trees that will pollute the water, and properly placing a privacy fence, you will have the perfect above ground swimming pool landscaping to add beauty to your pool and last a long time.