Do you have an abscessed tooth and wondering if there are any home remedies or quick pain relief to help you cope with the pain? This condition can be one of the most painful out there and if left untreated can led to a severe infection and even death. Thankfully there are a number of ways to treat an abscessed tooth before you even go to the dentist to get a root canal or have them drain the infected tissue from your tooth. I’ve listed several ways to cope with the pain from abscessed tooth which should help you deal with it in the meantime.

 What are the Symptoms of Abscessed Tooth?

- First, if you have a regular toothache but notice that it’s more painful and not going away.

- Do you have a fever or bad smelling taste in your mouth?

- Do you have major swelling or redness?

These are a few major symptoms. Here I go into more detail on abscessed tooth symptoms and some prevention methods.

How to Deal With Pain From Abscessed Tooth?

 Here are some useful suggestions:

- Try not to eat solid foods much. Eat hot soup as much as you can.

- Rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times a day.

- Do not eat or drink stuff that is high in sugar or drinks that are acidic.

- Use an over the counter pain relief medication to help with pain.

- Also consider using oil of cloves (eugenol) – This is a good local anaesthetic for temporary relief from toothache pain. This product below should definitely help with toothace pain and is very easy to use.

- Another home remedy I’ve found online is to moisten a tea bag, place it in your mouth over or under the socket and bite down gently.

- Another popular home remedy is crushing garlic and placing it on your tooth, and then putting a herbal tea bag to hold it in place.

Eugenol for Pain Relief

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This should definitely help your abscessed tooth pain or a toothache in general.

Toothache Medication

Red Cross Toothache Medication, 1/8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)
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Here's another good product to consider.

- Contains eugenal and sesame oil.

- Provides fast pain relief for a toothache and abscessed tooth.

- For use as a temporary expedient until dentist is consulted.

People swear by this product. Check it out for yourself.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean While You Have Abscessed Tooth

Do you still have to brush and floss while you have this condition? Unfortunately, yes, you do.

Do NOT use a normal toothbrush to brush. I recommend getting a toothbrush this is highly sensitive to your teeth. If you have abscessed tooth your teeth in general will be very sensitive and the pain of brushing your teeth will be just too much to endure.

This toothbrush by Colgate is a sensitive toothbrush that is designed specifically for this purpose. You may also want to combine this with a gentle toothpaste that is more foamy than normal toothpastes.

Another good idea if you really want to keep your teeth clean is to floss, but you should definitely be careful with how much contact you make with your teeth.

Best Gentle Toothpaste - I've used this product by Sensodyne with good results. It contains Contains Potassium Nitrate, which is "clinically proven to reduce painful sensitivity" and contains no sugar.

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If you have sensitive teeth you should consider this toothpaste because of its ingredient "Potassium Nitrate," which will help reduce pain.

I hope this article helped you understand some fast and effective ways to relieve pain in your abscessed tooth, right at home.