For the average medium-sized business, managing an employee paper trail can be both inefficient and highly expensive. That's because keeping employee records tightly controlled not only requires a great deal of time, but it often requires an extensive human resources department which may simply not be permitted in an increasingly-tight corporate budget. Furthermore, receptionists and human resources who handle employee absenteeism often work within the same eight-hour time frame as the employees that they are supposed to serve, leaving sixteen hours every day where requesting or reporting an absence from the office simply cannot be completed.

This might have been a major problem in previous decades, but the present time is one of great change in corporate environments. Leading the charge are receptionist outsourcing services which help to turn a typical eight-hour business environment into one which is manageable on a 24-hour schedule. Employing an answering service to handle employee vacation time or sick days is the best way to ensure that reporting is done in a timely and accurate manner, and it's a great way to make a representative available to office employees every hour of the day.

Increasingly, absentee reporting services are being used by medium-sized corporate environments to guarantee that someone will be available around the clock to document a sick day, a personal day, or a request for extended vacation time. These receptionists are not directly employed by the company, but are instead employed by a remote service which merely contracts with the business and provides receptionists for a small monthly or annual fee.

Instant Notification of an Employee Absence Guards Against Unpleasant Surprises

One of the things which is so attractive about working of a medium-sized corporation versus those of a far greater size is that smaller businesses are a bit more freewheeling and flexible when it comes to paid time off and days away from the office. Absentee reporting services aren't looking to change that essential vibe that draws so many people to these office environments. Instead, they're looking to guard against unplanned-for surprises when an employee simply doesn't show -- without notification -- because there was no one to notify after 5 p.m.

An absentee telephone answering service allows for customized reporting methods that are as convenient as they are instantaneous. Businesses can be notified of an employee's upcoming absence through corporate email, or they can receive a notification via fax, voicemail, text, message, or even a live phone call from one of the call center's representatives. With so many ways to be notified that an employee is spending the day at home, there will be no more unplanned-for drops in productivity, sales, or performance.

Report Tracking Means Accurate Pay and Employee-Supervisor Accountability

If there is one disadvantage to the looser atmosphere of the mid-sized corporate environment, it's that there is a distinct lack of accountability when it comes to taking days off and requesting the appropriate adjustment (or lack thereof) in salary. Paper documentation can be easily lost, thrown away, or inaccurate filed, and that means a dispute which can cost the company precious time and resources.

This is not the case when using absentee answering services, as they are adept at creating logs and ensuring the accuracy of their reports. These services record every call they receive and those calls all receive a timestamp and date so that they can be easily found and replayed if the need arises. And representatives are able to assign custom codes to employee time-off requests which correspond exactly to a business' method of logging such days away from the office. That means that these absentee reporting services pair instant notification with thorough documentation, lightening the burden on medium-sized office environments which have far more important tasks to complete throughout the day.

Because these services are operated 24 hours per day, seven days per week, there is simply no excuse for an employee not to call in and notify the business that they won't be in on a given workday. This type of always-on accountability holds employees accountable to their supervisors, and holds supervisors accountable to their employees' salaries and terms of employment. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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