If when you look around your home or office you feel that something is missing, or maybe the atmosphere is drab and boring, maybe you should consider some abstract paintings. Paintings such as these can help offset a boring and straight-line interior and help ad a more abstract, and unique, quality to your interior design.

The use of one, or many, abstract paintings in your home décor can really promote a sense of visual interest and revive an otherwise simple room.

Why Abstract?

Visually, an abstract painting is often more interesting in contrast with a painting that is more organized and classic in its design. The lines of an abstract painting are often very organic and can be both rough and smooth. When this is integrated into an abstract composition correctly, a person's eye is more stimulated this adding visual interest to the piece.

Another feature that abstract paintings bring to you new interior design, is the use of color. The colors present in most paintings of an abstract nature are often very bold and colorful. Often, the artist may use contrasting colors for the paint to help add an energetic or lively appearance.

What all of this means, is that the very nature of abstract paintings lends itself to powerful interior design. Often the introduction of just one abstract painting can single-handedly transform a room in your home or office.

Where can I find Abstract Paintings?

Below is a list of suggestions:

  • Local Art Galleries - These are sure to have a few abstract paintings available. If they don't have them readily on-hand, art galleries can often provide you with contact to an artist or another dealer that may have what you are looking for.
  • Art Shows/Festivals - These are often open air art shows and festivals that come around every so often in local parks and convention centers. Some of these may even be specific to abstract paintings and their ilk. Look in your local paper and check the community centers in your area.
  • Art Colleges - These are great places to find quality, unique art for very low cost. How? Hire an abstract art student to make a painting for your home or office. They will likely do this for a very low cost, maybe even free, just to have extra money, exposure, and another portfolio piece. A lot of colleges will even have departments dedicated to abstract art and abstract painting.
  • Check Online - The internet is a great place to find abstract paintings for sale. Check sites like eBay and craigslist. Take note, that eBay will require you to join the site in order to bid and purchase through their website.

How Do I Choose?

The appreciation of art is often a very subjective thing. It is almost an art in itself. Due to the abstract and unique nature of abstract art, this is likely to be even more subjective. In you hunt for the right piece for your home or office, try to expose yourself to as many abstract paintings as possible.

If you have a certain color or paint scheme in a specific room, try and focus on abstract paintings that will complement, or offset, the design elements you have in place. If you want a dramatic interior design, then don't be afraid to choose an abstract painting that is very different than your typical décor.

If you are too uncomfortable in choosing yourself, maybe you should consider hiring a good interior designer to aid you in this. Often, a good designer will have many ideas on the proper implementation of a quality piece of abstract art. You may even wish to find an interior designer that focuses specifically in this area.

Take some time and consider abstract paintings for your interior design goals. You may find yourself exploring an area of your creative side that you never knew existed.