Getting the right about of sleep

It was ­one usual day after work with me and my girlfriend going out of the office together.  That day was tough because I had so many deliverables that needs to get done.  Though that day was very stressful, it was starting to get easy soon as I had the grip of my girlfriend’s hands while walking together.  When we arrived at their home, I immediately went to their living room, sat down and watched TV.  But it can’t be denied that I was so tired and what happened was I fell asleep.  My girlfriend knew that I was tired so she didn’t wake me up until it’s time for me to go home.  When she woke me up, I was still very dizzy but I immediately sprung up to go home.  I knew from that very moment, I was not feeling good.  My vision starts to get distorted and slowly, seconds later, everything turned black.  The next I know, “Bing, bing, bing, wake up! Bing, bing, bing, wake up!”.  I passed out!  When I regained my consciousness, I was very worried and started asking my girlfriend “What happened?”.  She was just silent but I know it was not good.


Later that night when I got home, I reflected what could have triggered that unexpected experience.  From all the theories that I can think of, all of them boiled down to a common cause.  I failed to take good care of my body and I lack the needed amount of time to rest.


The theories I had generated were starting to make sense back tracking my activities few weeks ago. I noticed that I was really pushing my body to the limit and reaching the point of abusing it.  An abusive situation like playing DOTA until 4 A.M. in the morning and work the next day.  No one is to be blamed but me because I allowed myself getting addicted to it.  That draws the “FIRST BLOOD” of my problem.


Another factor was I got hooked with planting seeds over the internet and harvesting it in a few days.  I know most of you have an idea what I mean.  I became interested in playing…………Farmtown in Facebook.  It might be funny but yes it’s true. 


And lastly, I was overdoing myself working by staying late at the office. 


The effects of this habit got piled up week after week and this was the root cause of my passing out.  Instead of getting discouraged, I just told myself that this happens for a reason and I knew this was a reality check.  Right there and then I immediately made an action plan to correct my habits and avoid that instance from happening again.  (PAUSE) I radically changed my routine. 


Instead playing DOTA, I now read books and sleep early.  At first, this sounds pretty boring but I just think that I will become more informative by doing this plus giving my body enough time to rest. 


From playing Farmtown everyday, I opted to play once or twice a week and having my girlfriend water my virtual plants instead.  That would make my plants live for a few days and gives me enough time to harvest it.


And lastly, I’m now trying my best to exert more effort to finish all of my tasks within the entire 9.6 hours of work.  With this I don’t need to render extra time and stay late at the office.  This is like dating two girls in one party, Oh sorry, I mean this is like hitting two birds in one stone.  I am making myself very productive plus helping the company slash the incurred overhead expenses due to overtime cost.


So far, the action items worked great!  Although this is still a work in progress, I’m starting to see the benefits of my quick countermeasure.  All of it are expected to hit the target in due time.  And when that time comes, I would be ecstatic!


From these experiences, I learned the value to love my body and take good care of it.  A healthy body is way too great than earthly wealth.  Therefore one must learn to love and understand its behavior.  Once you got it, your body will reciprocate what you had done.


*Note: This speech is delivered by TM Ed Bas Jr. as his Basic Speech #6