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"I'd Like to Thank The Academy..."

Almost everyone loves the Academy Awards; it is the most prestigious and well known of all the awards programs. After all, who isn’t familiar with the phrase “And, the Oscar goes to…” But how many of us can remember the actual winners?

For all you movie and trivia buffs out there, here is a list of Oscar Winners in the Best Picture, Actor, and Actress categories from 1927 – 1949.  For a list of winners from 1950 – 1979 and 1980 –2009, see the articles; Academy Award Winners: Best Picture, Actor, and Actress – Parts 2 and 3.

Here’s a bit of Academy trivia:

1) Which three movies won all three Academy Awards for Best Picture, Actor and Actress? (Answer: See years 1934, 1975 and 1991)

2) Actress Vivien Leigh won a Best Actress Award for her role in Gone with the Wind. In what other movie did she win a Best Actress Award? (Answer: See the year 1951)

3) Which two actors refused to accept their Best Actor award? (Answer: See years 1970 and 1972)

This list (Part 1) contains the winners in the Best picture, Actor and Actress categories from 1927 through 1949.

1940 - 1949

CBS demonstrates color television in New York. The Superman radio show debuts. The first Bugs Bunny cartoon premieres. Actress Greta Garbo, “Wants to be alone,” retiring at age 36. Bing Crosby releases "White Christmas." The Cannes Film Festival debuts in France. George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein establish the New York City Ballet. The Yankees beat the Dodgers in seven games in the first televised World Series. Meet the Press debuts on NBC. Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire opens on Broadway; the play wins the 1948 Pulitzer Prize. The Hollywood Ten, a group of writers, producers and directors called as witnesses in the House Committee’s Investigation of un-American Activities, are jailed for contempt of Congress when they refuse to disclose if they were or were not Communists. Columbia Records introduces the 33 1/3 LP ("long playing") record at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. It allows listeners to enjoy an unprecedented 25 minutes of music per side, compared to the four minutes per side of the standard 78 rpm record. The 45 rpm record is sold in the U.S. and the first Emmy Awards are handed out. Comedian Milton Berle hosts the first telethon, which benefits cancer research.

Academy Awards for the Best Picture, Actor, and Actress awarded to:


Best Picture: All the King’s Men
Best Actor: Broderick Crawford (All the King’s Men)
Best Actress: Olivia de Havilland (The Heiress)


Best Picture: Hamlet
Best Actor: Laurence Olivier (Hamlet)
Best Actress: Jane Wyman (Johnny Belinda)


Best Picture: Gentleman’s Agreement
Best Actor: Ronald Colman (A Double Life)
Best Actress: Loretta Young (The Farmer’s Daughter)


Best Picture: The Best Years of Our Lives
Best Actor: Fredric March (The Best Years of Our Lives)
Best Actress: Olivia de Havilland (To Each His Own)


Best Picture: The Lost Weekend
Best Actor: Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend)
Best Actress: Joan Crawford (Mildred Pierce)


Best Picture: Going My Way
Best Actor: Bing Crosby (Going My Way)
Best Actress: Ingrid Bergman (Gaslight)


Best Picture: Casablanca
Best Actor: Paul Lukas (Watch on the Rhine)
Best Actress: Jennifer Jones (The Song of Bernadette)


Best Picture: Mrs. Miniver
Best Actor: James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy)
Best Actress: Greer Garson (Mrs. Miniver)


Best Picture: How Green Was My Valley
Best Actor: Gary Cooper (Sergeant York)
Best Actress: Joan Fontaine (Suspicion)


Best Picture: Rebecca
Best Actor: James Steward (The Philadelphia Story)
Best Actress: Ginger Rogers (Kitty Foyle)

1930 - 1939

Jean Rosenthal, one of the greatest lighting designers in theater history, pioneers the concept of stage lighting. As head of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, William Hays establishes a code of decency that outlines what is acceptable in films. Grant Wood paints American Gothic. Double features emerge as a way for the unemployed to occupy time. The Empire State Building is completed. The Whitney Museum of American Art opens to the public. Jazz composer Duke Ellington writes "It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing."  Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall opens. Edwin Armstrong introduces frequency modulation (FM), a static-free method of transmission. Esquire debuts as the first men's magazine.  Sally Rand's fan dance is a hit at the Chicago World's Fair.  The Communications Act of 1934 creates the Federal Communications Commission which regulates broadcasting. Audiences were impressed by a three-color system known as Technicolor. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) debuts the world's first television service with three hours of programming a day. The electric guitar makes its debut. Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind is published. Edgar Bergen and his puppet Charlie McCarthy make their radio debut on NBC. Walt Disney’s first full-length animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, hits theaters and becomes an instant classic. The Golden Gate Bridge is completed. The big-screen adaptation of Gone with the Wind premieres, and will go on to gross $192 million, making it one of the most profitable films of all time. It's also one of the longest films, clocking in at 231 minutes. Robert Kane introduces the Batman cartoon.

Academy Awards for the Best Picture, Actor, and Actress awarded to:


Best Picture: Gone with the Wind
Best Actor: Robert Donat (Goodbye, Mr. Chips)
Best Actress: Vivien Leigh (Gone with the Wind)


Best Picture: You Can’t Take It With You
Best Actor: Spencer Tracy (Boys Town)
Best Actress: Bette Davis (Jezebel)


Best Picture: The Life of Emile Zola
Best Actor: Spencer Tracy (Captains Courageous)     
Best Actress: Luise Rainer (The Good Earth)


Best Picture: The Great Ziegfeld
Best Actor: Paul Muni (The Story of Louis Pasteur)         
Best Actress: Luise Rainer (The Great Ziegfeld)                


Best Picture: Mutiny on the Bounty       
Best Actor: Victor McLaglen (The Informer)       
Best Actress: Bette Davis (Dangerous)  


Best Picture: It Happened One Night
Best Actor: Clark Gable (It Happened One Night)
Best Actress: Claudette Colbert (It Happened One Night)           


Best Picture: Cavalcade
Best Actor: Charles Laughton (The Private Life of Henry VIII)     
Best Actress: Katharine Hepburn (Morning Glory)          


Best Picture: Grand Hotel
Best Actor: Fredric March (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)                                       
Best Actress: Tie Wallace Beery (The Champ) and Helen Hayes (The Sin of Madelon Claudet)    


Best Picture: Cimarron 
Best Actor: Lionel Barrymore (A Free Soul)         
Best Actress: Marie Dressler (Min and Bill)


Best Picture: All Quiet on the Western Front
Best Actor: George Arliss (Disraeli)        
Best Actress: Norma Shearer (The Divorcee)

1927 - 1929

Popular vaudevillian Al Jolson astounds audiences with his nightclub act in The Jazz Singer, the first feature-length talkie. GE introduces a television set with a 3" X 4" screen. The first television, a Daven, is sold for $75. Walt Disney introduces Galloping Gaucho and Steamboat Willie, the first cartoons with sound. John Baird beams a television image from England to the United States. CBS is founded by William S. Paley. The Museum of Modern Art opens in New York City. The Academy Awards are handed out for the first time. The movie Wings wins Best Picture.

Academy Awards for the Best Picture, Actor, and Actress awarded to:


Best Picture: The Broadway Melody      
Best Actor: Warner Baxter (In Old Arizona)        
Best Actress: Mary Pickford (Coquette)


Best Picture: Wings
Best Actor: Emil Jannings (The Last Command) 
Best Actress: Janet Gaynor (Seventh Heaven)


For a list of winners from 1950 through 1979 and 1980 through 2009, see:

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