It is time again for the Academy Awards to recognize those in the film industry with the coveted Oscar for their excellence in performance. The Academy Awards is held every year around February or March and is viewed by over 200 countries worldwide. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious wards in the entertainment business. This year it is scheduled for February 27 and will be hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco. The Academy Awards has a long history dating back to 1929 when the first award was given out to honor outstanding achievements for the previous two years film season. Since then there has been many interesting facts about the Academy Awards history, and here are a few for you to enjoy.

1. The first Academy Award was held on May 16, 1929 at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood. The best motion picture was Wings and the winners knew 3month before the gala event was held. This changed and was kept secret until the night of the event in the following years.

2. During the first 10 years of the Academy Awards, the newspapers were given a list of the winners at 11p.m. on the night of the ceremonies until the Los Angeles Times announced the winners before the event began. The Academy has been using sealed envelopes ever since 1941 because of this mishap.

3. The Academy Awards are held at the Kodak Theatre and have been since 2002.

4. As of 2010 a total of 2,789 Oscars have been given out for 1,825 achievements. Beau Geste is the only movie that has boasted four Academy Awards given out for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

5. Eleven is the highest number of Academy Awards given out for any film. There are only 3 film that have obtained that many awards and they are Ben-Hur, Titanic, and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

6. Of all of the Academy Awards given during the Oscars, the most prestigious award given is the Academy Ward of Merit also known as the Oscar Statuette.

7. Emilio "El Indio" Fernandez posed nude to create the Oscar. To show support of the WWII effort, the original Oscars where not used, but instead they used statues mad of plaster. After the war was over, they were trading in for gold.

8. The origins of the name "Oscar" for the statues have been widely debated over the years. Those taking ownership for this idea has been Betty Davis, Margaret Herrick, Walt Disney, and Eleanor Lilleberg. Time magazine also made reference to the expression Oscar around the same time.

9. Since 1950, if a recipient of the Oscar ever want to sell it they have to give the Academy the first dibs in buying it back for $1.00. If they refuse, then they do not get the Oscar.

10. The Academy Awards was first televised on NBC in 1953 and until 1960, then ABC televised it until 1970. NBC took over until 1976, and now it is televised on ABC until the year 2014.

11. During the 2002 awards ceremony many celebrities arrived in hybrid vehicles and this practice has become integrated into events such as these.

12. Acceptance speeches can only last 45 seconds since 2010.

13. Some winners have been critical of the Academy's practices and have boycotted the awards ceremony. They have also refused to accept their Oscars. These people include Dudley Nichols, George C. Scott, and Marlon Brando.