What is Acai Berry?

The Acai Berry comes from the Acai palm tree. Harvested for centuries by Native Americans, it has many health and weight loss benefits, becoming a staple of their diet. Since being publicised by several TV shows, newspapers and magazine articles it has become widely popular in the west. But why the big fuss about Acai Berries? It has been found that they contain a fantastic combination of dietary fibre, monounsaturated fat and antioxidants, all contributing to an excellent fat loss capability.

How the Acai Berry Helps with Weight Loss.

Acai Berries are primarily known as a supplement for weight loss but that isn't there only benefit. They can also help with cell recovery and reduce the natural aging process, something that has made them very popular with celebrities. The main way that Acai Berry promotes weight loss is by increasing your metabolism. It does this through it's rich antioxidant content, reducing cell damage and oxidative stress. Once your metabolism is increased, fat will be broken down more quckly and your energy levels will increase. The end result is that the weight loss process will be quicker without any of the side effects that might be found with dietary weight loss pills or chemicals. Research papers have found that eating foods that contain antioxidants is vital for successful weight loss.

Choosing the Right Acai Beryy Supplement.

With the following simple guidelines you can choose the right Acai supplement for your needs while avoiding some of the expensive scams found online.

  • For your supplement to be effective you must choose one that has 100% natural Amazonian Acai Berry extract.
  • If products seems overly cheap then they probably aren't any good. The Acai Berry is harvested by hand in the Brazilian rainforest so is very labour intensive to produce. A price estimate of $40-$50 is about right.
  • Go for a product that has a money back guarantee. That way, in the rare case that the product doesn't get results for you, you can get your money back and aren't risking anything.