What is the acai berry diet?

This little known berry (acai pronounciation: ah-sigh-ee) was brought to the attention of millions when it was featured on  TV by Oprah and Dr Oz in 2007.  The widespread attention brought hucksters out of the woodwork who began marketing it as an all encompassing ingredient for weight loss which eventually became known as the "Acai Berry Weight Loss" diet.  This subsequently led to both Oprah and Dr Oz filing law suits for misuse of their names.  After all, if Oprah and Dr Oz are promoting it, it has to be good, right?

A diet enhancer - not a diet plan

Actually there never was an "acai berry diet".  The whole idea was to simply include the berry in your existing low calorie weight loss diet and receive the benefits of the antioxidants and other healthful ingredients contained in the fruit.  This made dieting more healthy and added more nutrition as well.  In so doing it offers the essential fatty acids, phytosterols and amino acids that help your metabolism and the digestive fresh acai berrys(121821)process which in turn helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite. 

In addition, studies have shown that consumption of the acai berry may be beneficial to your immune system, heart health, mental health, vision, restful sleep and anti aging.  These berries contain a veritable vault of healthful ingredients and should definately be added to your list of probiotic supplements.  And acai berry juice also has numerous health benefits.

Acai berry colon cleanse

Another healthful use of this multi-use berry is the colon cleanse.  As you know, if your colon is ignored it will begin to build up toxins that can be harmful to every organ in your body.  Signs of a toxic or "sick" colon are headaches, skin lesions, aching muscles, diarrhea, constant tiredness and constipation. 

Regular cleansing of the colon is extremely important to good healthAcai Berry Extreme(121820)Credit: Amazon.com. However, if you use a colon cleanse on a regular basis you need to be certain that you are using a product that will not be harmful to your body with constant use.

I don't have any personal experience with an acai berry cleanse but I did find one that is a very popular seller on Amazon.com. It is called Acai Berry Extreme and it claims to have a gentle cleanse formula. This is important because some colon cleansing products can be very harsh and give you unwanted results!

Favorable reviews

One of the things I like about Amazon.com is their customer reviews.  I like to see as many reviews as possible because it then enables me to make a more educated decision when I decide to buy or not buy a product.  This product had 87 reviews as of this writing and 48 of them are 4 and 5 star.  With over half of the reviews being more than favorable, I would feel comfortable trying this product.  After all, almost nothing works well for everyone!

The maker of the product (HH Nutritionals/Eden's Finest Nutrition) says they have taken great strides to insure that the combination of herbs in their product will give the best results possible. They even claim that the product will help you lose weight. This could be partially because it also contains an appetite suppressant.

They say that their colon cleansing ingredients are gentle and won't leave you in the embarrassing situation of constantly looking for the nearest bathroom! They also say that the product contains 250mg of the “purest acai berry in the world”.

In addition, they indicate that you will notice an increase in energy levels in the daytime and experience better sleep during the night.