One of the most helpful techniques I learned is accelerated learning. In primary school, teacher always thought I had a learning disorder. I preferred to play outside and hated books. However a few years later I changed a bit and got addicted to solving math equations.  Teachers still wanted to send me to a school for kids with learning disabilities. Still I applied for a decent high school and got applied. Then I read for the first time on the internet about accelerated learning. I was interested immediately and borrowed a book at the local library about this subject.

Increase in Performance

I can personally say these techniques truly work. My grades sky rocketed in high school, and as a result I was admitted to the prestigious IBA program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I thank this to both accelerated learning and hard work. However I find that most people try hard to learn subjects and even take extra classes or pay thousands of dollars for special training programs, yet they still fail to achieve high grades. The purpose of this article therefore is to introduce some basic learning techniques that helped me the most.


One part of accelerated learning is the use of nutrition that supports learning. Good things to consume in exam weeks are:

  • Coffee
  • Creatine
  • Spinach
  • Walnuts
  • Multivitamin

These ingredients help you to memorize better (coffee), be more creative (creatine) or you’re your brain perform better (Walnuts). If you have a healthy lifestyle, you will feel better and your brain will function better.


It helps if you visualize the things you have to learn. Just learning abstract concepts without really knowing what you are learning is useless. You have to form a mental picture of it. You can also use visualization if you are afraid to fail. For example, you can visualize how you will excel the following exam. This way you have more belief in the fact you can do it if you work hard enough. This resembles ‘The Secret’ much, however it really works.


Also try to use all senses when you are learning. Not only read what you must learn, try to perform it physically when possible, or speak it out loud. What worked for me is writing while learning. Things you write are really well captured by the brain. The same goes for things you explain to other people; this is also the reason why teachers master their subject so well. They explain it every day to other people. This is the real key to mastery.

These are the simplest accelerated learning techniques I know. Begin with these and your performance at school is guaranteed to increase. However it is no magic pill or something, you still have to work hard!