The invention of the dive helmet changed underwater exploration for the better. Its invention had a significant impact on the entire world, allowing us to better understand our planet. It is for this reason that the dive helmet remains a major symbol in the nautical world to this day.

As such, nautical collectors will find several different types of dive helmets to spruce up their nautical collections. These nautical décor items vary from simple desktop decorations like pen holders to beautiful dive helmets made out of brass, copper, or chrome. Because of this, the dive helmet serves as a significant nautical r item that can be enjoyed by many - nautical collector or not.

The brass diver helmet pen holder is, just as suggested by the name, made of solid brass. This gives the pen holder a strong base for holding your writing instruments. One of the features seen most on these brass dive helmet pen holders is a quartz clock. It is made to be a replica of an actual diver's helmet, though smaller in scale. Many dive helmet pen holders are complimented by a sturdy base made from quality woods. The bases made out of hardwood are composed of the finest materials, as is the dive helmet itself. The addition of elements like green felt for lining the dive helmet pen holder's bottom make such nautical home decor items a sure buy.

Other kinds of dive helmets for nautical collectors are solid iron diver's helmet clocks. The addition of extras such as having a function clock is what makes the iron dive helmet a great nautical decoration. Made in the realm of authenticity, these tropical décor diver's helmets are made to be a miniature scale model of an actual diving helmet. Beach décor dive helmets oftentimes are made to look and feel like true diving helmets. A solid, polished hardwood base is the setting for most iron diver's helmets. Even the nautical décor dive helmets exemplify the significance of the original diving helmet with their quality build. The green felt lining of the dive helmet is more than just for show, it helps the nautical decoration adhere to tough surfaces while protecting them from abrasion.

The Mark V Copper Helmet is one of the most treasured dive helmet replicas in the nautical culture. These authentic replicas are huge, sometimes measuring 18 inches tall. Furthermore, they come complete with iron and brass detailing to add to the authentic appearance. As such, this nautical item is a miniature replica of an original U.S. Navy Mark V diver's helmet. The solid and deeply polished brass fits in perfectly with the quality of this authentic replica.

Finally, the chrome dive helmet is a variation of the brass Mark V mentioned above. These have a deep chrome shine which makes it outstanding as a show piece and a perfect addition to any nautical collection. While it is an inch shorter than the former Mark V, it is made with the same quality and care for authenticity. These authentic reiterations of the revolutionary diver's helmet can be purchased for upwards of $499 at nautical décor retailers.

Dive helmet nautical décor may come in even more varieties than mentioned here. The production of such diving helmets is a testament to the symbolic nature of dive helmet nautical decoration.