People spend countless dollars every year upgrading the outside of their home with elaborate decoration and furniture. Many individuals are under the misconception that this is the only way to spruce up a backyard environment. While some furniture and accessories are a must, there is a much easier and cheaper way to bring elegance to any yard. Outdoor lighting has been used for many years to accent key areas in a yard. These lights come in many forms which are used in different areas of the yard. For example, path lights are used to line a walkway so people can see at night. Spotlights are used to accent things like furniture, trees, fountains and gardens. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to outdoor lighting, some of which we will discuss in this guide.

Rope LightsRope Lights On Fence

You commonly see these types of lights at movie theaters and outdoor events. Rope lights come in all colors and are used to line walkways and gates to show people the way, add accents, and sanction off areas. They are remarkably elegant when used in the right context. A string of white rope lights lining your garden or gate can transform it into a surreal environment. The rope is actually a PVC tube that contains a long string of lights within. The tube is flexible and can be molded around corners with ease. Rope lights are weather resistant and can be used both indoors and out.

Solar Path Lights

Path lighting is becoming more prevalent as home owners discover their ease of installation and low maintenance. Solar path lights gather sunlight during the day and turn it into electrical power. The power is stored inside a rechargeable battery which the light uses at night. The lights have a sensor which only turns the unit on at nightfall, saving energy to last all night. These light mounts come in every color and style imaginable, ranging from copper or stainless steel finishes to rustic and artisan styles. Matching the perfect path light set to your current décor is just part of the fun. With a very small amount of initial assembly, your lights will be ready to be stuck into the ground in any pattern you choose. You are not limited by cords which mean that you can place them freely in any place that gets sunlight during the day.

Flood Light SetsFlood

Flood lights are used for accenting structures such as trellises, fountains, trees and more. Flood lights usually come in a small set of around three lights. They can be powered by your wall outlet or solar power. The solar powered models have a single solar panel that powers all of the lights. Flood lights are meant to be stuck into the ground with the built in stake. They can also be mounted to wall and other surfaces with screws. This is a very attractive way to add elegant accents to any portion of your yard. As with most outside lights, flood lights come in many styles.