Why we don't require acceptance from others.

Is it necessary to seek acceptance from others? We like it, but do we need it? What is it that you feel should be accepted from others? Yourself? Why do you feel like you need to be accepted by other people? Assurance? recognition? The only person's acceptance that you require is yourself. If you base your actions or your personality on the acceptance of others then you are not yourself. You feel the actions and personality you want to express. However, you decide to change it and act differently because you're afraid that the other person will not accept you. Think about the last time you experienced a situation where you wanted to say something you were certain of, butdecided to not say it because you worried of what the other person thought. Enough of this and continuing to follow familiar decisions will just shape you to become what other people think you should be. There will be a moment with everyone you know that you will no longer see them again. You are the only person in which you will see and be with from the beginning to the end. Until the next life...

Recognition is very powerful. Why do we do the things so it can be recognized by other people? Sure it may not be the only reason but it's one of the main ones. Let's say you're a genuinely nice person like myself. You like cooking, and so you like to cook for other people. I cook for people because of the value that it has to them. But, it definitely feels better and takes to the next level when everyone tells you how good the food was. So, I cannot say that I was also cooking for recognition as well. Recognition can be used in similar ways of acceptance. I started thinking why people cared so much about recognition, during my experience as a manager at Wal-mart.   may not be the case for everyone, I think people wanted to be recognized to be assured what they did was good. Another type of acceptance. You did your job, without the help of others. You know what your responsibilities are and you feel like you know how to handle them. Yet, you still worry about the recognition. You want to be told that you did a good job. It's definitely a great feeling. I love recognition too. However, when I worked at Wal-mart with the confidence I had I knew I was doing a good job.  But I didn't care if someone recognized me for it or not. When people did recognize me, rather than taking it as the factor of okay I did something right, which you will use for the next similar situation. Instead, I take it as motivation to go to the next step, in any which way I want.

We all have our own morals of what we think is right and wrong. We have our own likes and dislikes. We have our own way of expressing all of that. You need to accept yourself, find the qualities about yourself you like and dislike. If there are personal things about yourself that you dislike and you really feel like you need to change them, then do it! Figure out why you like the things you like and why you dislike the things you do not like. Most of the time the stuff you don't like is based on a bad experience where you really don't dislike the object. Rather you dislike the experience and there for no longer want to deal with the object to avoid similar experiences.   you want to do and filter out the stuff you dislike. Be who you want to be, say what you want to say, do what you want to do, without worrying about the acceptance of this person from someone else. Everyone will run into a lot of people who will not agree with them to entirely not liking them. So, where does that leave us then? Who cares what other people think, be who you want to be and you will see the people that like you and the people that don't. Do what you want and be around people that like you for who you chose to be.