Personal Authenticity

Your Path To The Divine Within

Get a sense of what you enjoy doing. What makes you tick, what makes you feel alive and engaged? When we feel joy and passion from doing and thinking about our favorite subjects, this is when we feel our most authentic. Fear blocks us from being our true selves because when we feel fearful our decisions are based on what frightens us instead of what we enjoy and love. “Am I doing what I’m doing out of fear or a sense of obligation or because I love doing it?” Do I feel afraid or unhappy or drained or do I feel replenished and joy-filled when I engage in a given task?  Enjoy what you do, every little task, every morsel you eat, every sip you drink. Check in with how you feel several times each day and then act in a way that is true to your feelings.

How do you get in touch with your loving nature at your core? The gateway to that loving place is your emotions, says Anita Moorjani, near death experiencer extraordinaire. The most important thing is how you feel about yourself (not what you do for a living or who you know or how you spend your time.) The most important thing is your feelings. Stop and relax when you feel stressed or out of tune with your spirit. Check in with how you are feeling, and what can I tweak to make me feel better right now.

For people suffering from low self-esteem, Anita suggests doing little things for yourself but maybe never did before because you didn’t believe if your own self-worth. Make yourself a priority. Don’t just pay it lipservice. The people who love you need you to love yourself because if you love yourself, you are more emotionally available to them. Don’t look at these little gifts to yourself as selfish, look at them as self-sustaining and giving yourself the love you need and deserve. When people feel loved, they act more selflessly. It’s paradoxical but true. So lavish some love and attention on yourself and you will be more loving to everyone around you. 

She worries that we spend too much time on things like “cancer awareness.” We should be more focused on “wellness awareness,” she advises. When cancer is uppermost in our thoughts all the time, it is not good for us energetically because it fills us with fear (and if you have read my other articles on the subject or visited her website, then you know what Anita thinks about fear). She focuses in her own life less on the cancer itself and more on her healing process and the inspirational nature of her tale. Treat yourself in the most loving way possible at all times, whether you are sick or well. Be tender and gentle with yourself, as tender as you would be with a tiny infant.

And ask yourself on a daily basis: What really gets my motor running? What truly satisfies my heart’s desire? Is one of the activities that you enjoy the most spending time with a particular friend or family member? Then set aside more time to spend with that specific individual. Is it painting landscapes, perhaps from memory or perhaps of the scene outside your living room window? Then make time to paint those landscapes. Maybe you have a great love for all things political. Maybe you even call yourself a “political junkie.” If so, consider getting involved in the political campaign of a candidate whose political views coalesce with your own. Maybe you used to act in plays and musicals when you were in high school and you loved it. If that’s the case, consider trying out for a part in a show being put on at your local community theater. 

I’ll quote Joseph Campbell here, who coaxed all of us to “follow our bliss,” because when we do exactly that, when we do what we truly enjoy doing, we feel profoundly satisfied and fulfilled, and when we feel fulfilled at such a deep soul level, we also feel emotionally and spiritually replenished, and when we feel replenished, we find ourselves overflowing with joy and love (as Anita explains). And it is then (in that lovely, overflowing state) that we have bountiful amounts of love to give to everyone around us. It’s a wonderful, self-sustaining cycle, flawlessly designed to ensure and enhance your ongoing emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. Best of all, it’s “guaranteed to satisfy” in perpetuity.