So you got yourself a fancy new Kindle? There are a few accessories for Kindle which will make your life a lot easier and your Kindle more enjoyable. I have accessories which I feel as if they are a must have.


Kindle Case

Of course any Kindle lover is going to need a good case! There are a few good leather ones on Amazon that cost around $50. This isn't good for those of us on a budget, luckily they are also very easy to make just do a few searches online and you can find some nice designs which if you are good with a sowing machine will be too easy to do.


A case is absolutely vital especially if you plan on traveling with your Kindle. A good case will protect from bumps, drops, and pressure of clothes or anything else that you cram into your suitcase. They need to be study but gentle on the Kindle. I wouldn't go cheap if you plan on buying one as it could be the difference between a broken and functional Kindle.


Kindle Light

If you ever plan on reading in bed, or out in the car late at night. Then a light is a must have, there are a few different ones available that range from clips that you clip on the corner of your Kindle to the really nice ones which plug into the keyboard clips and use the Kindle battery for their power. Those are my favorite as you don't need to remember to change the batteries in it.


Some cases come with these lights built in, so far I haven't found a case with a better light than what you can get separately to my surprise. They just seem weak. That is something to bear in mind.


Kindle Screen Protector

Now you do have to protect your investment in a Kindle, right? Well this is a iffy choice for me, because I keep mine in a case when not in use so no dust or anything gets on it. It would be best to play it safe rather than sorry and just pick one up as they aren't expensive at all.



Remember when purchasing accessories you buy the one that fits with your model of Kindle. So familiarize yourself with the different models so you know for sure which one you have. If you are in doubt ask the vendor if their product will work with yours, this will save you some grief in the future.