Making the Most of Your RV

The number of RVers  in North America is growing. Recreational vehicles allow people to travel or stay in one place RV(90270)for long periods of time with all the comforts of home. For many, their RV is a full time home.

Getting used to living in a smaller space may take some time, but there are plenty of new products on the market that deal with storage issues and help effectively utilize every square inch of your RV.

There are also some great ideas and accesories to help you enjoy life inside and outside of your recreational vehicle.

Here are some of my favorites.

Kayak in a Back Pack

If you love to spend time in the water these Innova kayaks are a great choice. As the name suggests they fold up into a backpack for easy storage.Innova kayak

They are available in a number of colors with options for single or tandem kayaking.

There are 10 Innova kayak models to choose from depending on whether you plan to paddle in flat water, rapids or the ocean.

Each are tough, durable, rubber coated and backed with two year protection from manufacturers defects.

They are much, much easier than hauling a canoe off your roof when you want to hit the water.

Solar Kit

RV solar Solar Kitkits are a great way to save money and help the environment. Most are easy to set up and come complete with everything you'll need including solar panels, mounting brackets, manuals and hardware.

The kits charge up batteries, phones and laptops.

One to two batteries will generate enough power for all appliances with the possible exception of the microwave. Three or four batteries may be required for the microwave to thoroughly cook food.


If you love to read imagine how much space you'll save by switching to an eReader.eReader

They are small, lightweight and very easy to use. The major manufactures like Kindle, Nook and Kobo offer online tutorials and support.

Using an eReader you can enjoy short stories, articles and even the latest novels from your favorite best selling author.

You can change the size of the font making it great for people who have difficulty reading fine print.

They are inexpensive so it's worth having a separate eReader for everyone in the RV.

CO Detector

Most RV'ers have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher in their vehicle. A CO (carbon monoxide) detecCO Detectortor is an inexpensive and essential tool in RV safety.

Recreation vehicles can build up deadly levels of CO in a short time because they are smaller than a home and well sealed.

CO is odorless, colorless and tasteless which makes it particularly deadly.

If you are not planning to stay put in a location with an electrical hookup, invest in a battery powered CO detector. Change the batteries every six months.

12 Volt Slow Cooker Crock Pot

Every recreational vehicle should have a 12 volt crock pot.12 volt slow cooker

It is an efficient, space saving way to cook up a delicious and nutritious meal with hundreds of recipes to choose from.

There's nothing nicer than coming home to the tantalizing aroma of a slow cooked meal.

More RV Accessories

It's fun to keep an eye out for the latest RV accessories and gadget and it's a rapidly changing market. At one timeRV on Alaska Highway GPS devices were considered to be cutting edge technology for recreational vehicles. Now they are commonplace.

Self aligning satellite dishes are becoming more popular for RV'ers who dont want to miss their favorite television shows are check their email while they are on the road.

There are new types of awnings, window covers, lawn chairs and storage systems available.

Happy travelling!