Some who have seen back and neck braces before are quite unaware that they themselves are at risk for incurring injuries from personal injury accidents that would necessitate these braces.

Serious injuries to the back are usually caused by trauma from car collisions and fall accidents. These injuries may have damaged a part of the spinal cord and so it is important for the injured person to immediately seek medical help after these accidents:

  • Car accidents. Serious back injuries and other major injuries are attributed to car accidents especially, rear-end collisions. Back injuries often mean trauma to the spinal cord which can result to paralysis or lower back sprain which will cause debilitating pain to the large muscles located at the lower back.
  • Defective products. Some products are represented as something that would promote good health and posture. However, there are cases when these very products that should improve someone's condition cause more harm than good. So, it is important to make sure that the products we use are reliable and are made of good materials.
  • Hazardous premises. Owners of private establishments and administrators of public properties are in charge of keeping the premises safe for passersby and guests. Any obstruction to the path may cause slip or trip accidents that can cause serious hurt the victim's back.

There are cases when people would dismiss bruises and pain in the back area after an accident especially if the pain would not persist. Bear in mind that there are instances when the pain or the numbness may come days after the accident.

After the trauma to your back, make sure that a medical expert will take a look at your injuries. Also, find a good lawyer who will help in assessing the amount of compensation that will be sought from the party responsible for the accident.

These Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are capable of recovering compensation which would include the victim's:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Medical/rehabilitation expenses
  • Repairs or replacement of damaged property

In some cases, hedonic damages can also be sought if the serious back injury turns out to be a spinal cord injury that causes paralysis. Hedonic damages are compensation sought for the victim's inability to go about his previous routine and his daily activity is greatly limited because of his injury. Find a lawyer in your area to know more about these compensatory damages.