When you think of Paris certain images come into mind. The so called "city of love" is indeed a unique city - but where exactly is the best place to stay?

Eiffel Tower in Paris

You can find accommodation quite easily whether it be through a travel agent, recommended by a friend or online. However, finding accommodation that will suite you is the key. Everyone has different tastes and require different luxuries when away from home. This will have a heavy bearing on how much you will eventually pay. I would suggest the internet would be your best bet as it often has special deals that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Apart from hotels, if you are planning to stay a while, which is a good idea when you see just what this city has to offer, then renting an apartment is financially the best decision and all you have to do is look around.

The further out of Paris you go, the cheaper it will get. However, there is ample public transport with trains running constantly as well as busses. If you are not keen on public transport then taxis are always handy (and expensive) but I would suggest walking or hiring a bike to get around as you see many more things and makes the experience much more worth while. Size also has a big impact on the price. A small apartment with basic amenities can be found to cost approximately 600 euro a month (you might find one cheaper) and an apartment double the size will most likely cost double.

If you would like to live closer to the action then you will find apartments everywhere in the city - the price will then be determined by the area as well as the demand. Again, there is an abundance of public transport available that is reasonably priced as well as taxis and push bikes to rent. I still think that getting around on foot is the best way to take it all in. There are maps on almost every corner in case you get lost and most people speak English if you get lost. It would be wise to carry around a phrase book and map of your own just in case. If you do go walking in the colder months make sure you wear gloves and have an umbrella with you as well.

Finally, while you are there waste no time and get out to see as much as you can. There are plenty of museums and other popular tourist attractions that you must see. Saving money on accommodation is the wisest thing you can do and will free up some funds that you can then use on all the Parisian experiences. Good luck!