How to pass the acca papers

In order to become a qualified chartered certified accountant and become a fully fledged member of the ACCA you are going to need to pass some examination papers, the acca papers. You are also going to need to complete some practical training and experience, although this is another topic altogether.

The acca papers are not easy, but then no one said becoming a qualified accountant was going to be easy, however there are some tips and tricks you can do to pass the acca papers first time every time. Passing the acca papers is going to take hard work and dedication and you are going to have to remain motivated throughout.

The first thing you need to do to pass the acca papers is to purchase the relevant study materials and reference books. There are several different acca papers, all of which have their own study book
packages so you are going to need to ensure you get the right material and study books for the right examination papers.

The study books will teach you everything you need to know in order to pass the exams and it is possible to learn the material at home or through distance learning or via the internet. There are
some advantages in home and distance learning and many acca students prefer to study this way, however whether this is the best method to pass the acca papers is questionable. Home study and distance learning works for some accountancy students, but it is not suitable for everyone.

There are many day release schools and colleges that run acca courses allowing students to study whilst in full time employment. All good accounting firms will let their staff take time off to study and will support their employees through their professional acca examinations so getting time of work to attend these courses is not difficult. If your employer is not willing to let you attend courses you are with the wrong employer and you need to find another firm willing to support your studies.

When studying for the acca papers you are going to need to keep focused and make sure you cover everything you need to before the final examinations. The best way of controlling yours study time is to devise a study plan, which will ensure you keep on track. When creating a study plan make sure you leave some social time and some time to go out and do what you want to do, otherwise you are going to burn yourself out which is not going to help you pass the acca papers.

Learning the examination material and topics is not enough to pass the acca papers and you will need to attempt many questions before the examinations. By sitting mock examinations you will learn the style of questions in the acca papers, how the questions should be answered, time management and examination technique.

Time management and examination technique is very important and often underestimated and there are times when time management and exam technique can be the difference between passing or failing the acca papers. The trick is to attempt each and every question you need to on the acca papers. Don’t get bogged down and spend ages trying to give the perfect answer to gain the maximum amount of marks. It is far better to get the easier marks available from each question so you need to set yourself a time limit for each question and once that time limit is reached move on to the next question.

Past acca papers can be downloaded from the acca website free of charge, as can the accompanying answers and the examiner’s comments for that sitting.  It is worth downloading all the past acca papers you can and sitting  them one by one under examination conditions. Once you have sat the mock examination you need to mark your paper using the answer paper. This first round of mock examinations should start three months before the real examination.

Holding down a full time accounting career and studying the professional accountancy xaminations is tough and mentally draining, however it is well worth it in the end. The earnings potential of a qualified accountant s very good and this should provide the motivation you need to stick with it.

So in order to pass the acca papers first time you will need to;

1) Purchase the study materials and reference books for the acca papers you are going to sit

2) Enrol on a course and attend lessons

3) Devise a study plan and stick to it

4) Answer past acca papers and sit mock examinations throughout