One of the most popular methods to measure body fat percentage is with the use of body fat calipers. With the marker leader in these calipers being a brand called Accu Measure. Their calipers are not only very accurate, but are extremely cheap to buy starting at just a few dollars, right up to the more expensive digital models that can set you back over 50 dollars.

Accu Measure Body Fat CalipersBut what are Body Fat Calipers

Well they are a device which is used to measure body fat percentage by taking measurements of skin folds. By taking these measurements at set locations around your body, you can quickly and accurately estimate what your body fat percentage is.

Accu Measure manufacture quite a few different models so lets take a quick look at just two models that they have out there in the marketplace for sale.

The first set of calipers that we are going to look at is the Accu Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester. This set is extremely cheap and fantastic value for money costing just over 5 dollars. Not only do you get the calipers which have a gold standard accuracy level within 1.1% of underwater body fat testing. But you will also receive a women's and men's body fat measurement chart, body fat tracking chart, questions and answers on body fat and instructions on how to correctly take body fat measurements using the calipers. The calipers have raised markings which help to provide clear and precise measurements and a unique clicking feature that ensures consistent and repeatable correct body fat readings.

The second set is the FatTracker Gold Accu-Measure Digital Skinfold Caliper. This set of caliper is going to cost you much more than the previous model, due to the fact that readings are displayed on an LCD digital display screen. This set of caliper operates off 2 x AA batteries and is self calibrating for accurate lifetime measurements. You can store up to three different people profiles on the unit and it has a fitness rating indicator which is based on body fat percentage, age and gender. The device comes with full instructions so that you can get started on your body fat measurements straight away.

Using body fat calipers to measure body fat is a little tricky at first, but once you get use to how to use the calipers correctly and how much pressure to use. Then measurements will get much quicker and easier, you will probably notice at first when you start using them that you will get slightly different readings each time even when measuring the same body area. This is normal and to get the most accurate measurements its recommended that you take three separate readings then average out these readings to get your correct measurement. There are many other ways to measure body fat percentage, but using Accu Measure body fat calipers is not only the cheapest way to do it, but is the preferred choice for most athletes who's aim is to lower their body fat composition.